Alone I can smile, together we can laugh;

Monthly Spiritual Congregation @ Patiala – Communication with GOD

Alone I can sing, together we can celebrate;

Monthly Spiritual Congregation @ Patiala – Communication with GOD

Alone I can walk; together we can march on;

Alone I can write Autobiography; together we can create a New History.

Such is the power in unity. It’s the God who binds all of us. As we have come from the same source, our destination is also the same. These lines are lived here at Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (DJJS). HIS Holiness Shri Ashutosh Maharaj ji, founder, head and the leader of this mission chose large number of preachers and millions of disciples as members of the mission and keeps binding all to establish global peace; In order to achieve HIS holy’s objectives, DJJS organized a monthly spiritual congregation in Patiala, Punjab.

As the programme started, devotional and melodious bhajans were sung by preachers. All bhajans, along with filling the environment with divine tunes also gave profound message of true bhakti, explaining how life-less a life could be without the life-giver. In this world which is full of cumbersome activities, at least a monthly connection to GOD is necessary to recharge our batteries and go back to the world with full vigour and energy. Hundreds of devotees witnessed the divinity of the programme and enlightened their life by the divine and inspiring words of Swami Parmanand ji. Words, which encourage one to contribute more, sacrifice more and serve more in order to make the life meaningful. Words that reach to the soul and bring a divine change, from within, in the life of disciples as together we can stand, but divided we fall.

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