Monthly Spiritual Programme | DJJS, Punjab


A Spiritual program was conducted on the pious land of Nurmahal, Punjab on 14th September 2014. Innumerable devotees gathered to quench their spiritual thirst.

The program started on the blissful note of chanting of Ved Mantras. Followed by inspiring bhajans and awakening music. Among the devotional bhajans was one which was emotionally charged "Ankh Se Ansu Jo Hain Behte,Vo Bhi Tumse Bas Yahi Kehte Ayenge Satguru Jarur …….. ", which portrayed the feelings of a devotee as to how he faces every difficulty by being connected to his true master and that his master gave him the strength to cross every struggle.

The speech delivered by the preachers influenced the congregation and motivated them towards achieving greater spiritual heights. The importance of devotional songs was also shared during the event.

The program was adorned with its divinity and gave the message of peace and harmony. To culminate the program prasadam was distributed to all devotees.

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