We at Manthan SVK believe that a healthy interaction between parents, teachers and students strengthens the bond that the students create with their education and well-being. And in order to achieve this, we organize regular Parent-Teacher meetings to keep the parents up to date with their child’s development.

Parent-Teacher Meet  and Annual Result Declarations

In our recent PTMs held during 14th to 30th of March, parents of a majority of students of all centres in Delhi - NCR, Bihar and Punjab states attended the motivational meets. Our PTMs included Annual Result Declaration and one-on-one discussion about the children’s educational goals with their parents. Students achieved good scores in their annual exams and parents were delighted and satisfied to witness the remarkable progress in their children.

Parent-Teacher Meet  and Annual Result Declarations

Many important issues like health and hygiene were discussed and our aim of creating health awareness among parents and students was surely achieved. With a brief account of the whole Manthan SVK initiative and the vision His Holiness Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji associates with it, these eye-opening sessions were shared.

As some important issues that were raised in the previous PTMs, their causes, solutions and implementation were also discussed and thought about, videos on Vitamin A Deficiency and its causes were also shown, along with videos related to The Speaker Of The Year Event held in 2016, wherein Manthanites set indomitable examples on how lesser resources can never stop them from harnessing their potential and showcasing their talents. Distribution of stationery was also a major highlight of the Parent-Teacher Meetings.

In yet another one of our endeavors we were able to make parents of all students realize the importance and necessity of a healthy interaction between Parents and Teachers in the form of such regular meets.

The preacher-disciples of Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan, guested the occasions. Along with distribution of results to the students, interaction with the parents they also briefed Manthan SVK initiative and the divine grace and vision of His Holiness Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji.

Along with distribution of stationery and refreshments, our PTMs successfully created a strong, healthy and interactive bond between the teachers, parents and students in order to achieve a brighter future for our tiny tots.

Such Parent-Teacher Meetings have and will always be an essential part of the Manthan SVK initiative and we hope to include more and more parents in the further meetings held regularly.

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