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The obligations of the contemporary environment have resulted in mounting work and sensory load on people across the globe. The COVID-19 pandemic has also added fuel and has posed not only physical health concerns but also a visible adverse impact on the mental health of general population. There has been a tremendous increase in stress, depression, anxiety among all sections which calls for urgent psychological and spiritual interventions for enhancing self-awareness and improve the mental health at broader societal level. To help nullify the critical challenges of stress and promote self-awareness and emotional well-being, under the profuse guidance of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, a zestful lecture on Stress Management was conducted by DJJS representative Swami Vigyananand Ji on January 15th, 2021 at Sahnewal Airport, Ludhiana, Punjab. The lecture received a zealous participation of the officers and personnel of Sahnewal Airport who were apprised with curative stress management strategies including intelligible management games, illustrations, yoga and breathing exercises.

Power of Self Awareness through Meditation accentuated at Lecture on Stress Management at Airport Sahnewal, Ludhiana

DJJS representative acquainted the participants with the effective logical techniques to manage personal and work stress specially to uplift their emotional and psychological well-being amidst the Corona crisis. Stress emerges from factors and situations which are normally beyond one’s control. Therefore, the best defence mechanism against stress is to learn to control what lies in our hands, i.e., to control our own thought process and actions. DJJS representative emphasized that self-control comes with self-analysis and a solid spiritual connection.  The therapeutic techniques to manage stress are just surface fixes. Raising the emotional and spiritual quotient calls for equipping oneself with the time-tested eternal technique of self-realization. To neutralize the harmful effects of stress activating hormones, knowledge of eternal science mastered through scientific technique of mediation is a prerequisite. Meditation provides a deep sense of comfort to tranquil the mind. It keeps the stress triggering factors at bay, relaxes the physical body and quietens the stress induced jumbled thoughts. When one meditates as per the Brahm Gyan induced meditation technique which is backed by ancient spiritual science, they are likely to become more self-conscious and self-aware of negative thoughts and negative energy around.

Power of Self Awareness through Meditation accentuated at Lecture on Stress Management at Airport Sahnewal, Ludhiana

DJJS representative concluded that the more self-aware we are, the more we are likely to regulate and control the waves of our dwindling mind and not let the circumstances control our behaviour or actions. The path of eternal light and historical meditation technique is mentored by His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, a magnanimous visionary who has spread the aura of vivacious divine light among the stressful hearts world-wide. The Brahm Gyan backed meditation is a powerhouse of eternal bliss, wisdom and ecstasy that acts as a guiding torch to combat the negative stressors and lightens the mind and spirit. In the present chaotic world, Meditation has emerged as a sure shot stress buster that grants abundant mental superpower to those who practice it. It subdues the mental addictions and dilemmas and blossoms an individual’s personality to perform with excellence both the personal and professional commitments. The lecture received a phenomenal response from the audience at Sahnewal Airport as they felt rejuvenated and refreshed with enhanced cognitive intellect, positive vigour and upright consciousness.

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