Manthan SVK, in its endeavor to enthuse communication and ingenious skills amongst its students, participated with Maverik Ventures’ for its annual event ‘Speaker of the Year’ (SOTY).

Pre-Finale Round| Speaker of the Year |The Great Indian Heritage

It is the best platform for children coming from all backgrounds to express and share their ideas with the rest of the world about how they think they can bring upon a change in tomorrow's world. SOTY boost and increase children's confidence level, ability to learn, improvise and express together as equals and build mutual respect.

Pre-Finale Round| Speaker of the Year |The Great Indian Heritage

SOTY theme of year 2016 is The Great Indian Heritage. 80 students of different categories- KIDS Champ, JUNIOR Champ, and HIGH School Champ from 4 centers of Manthan- Sampoorna Vikas Kendra have participated this year along with 60 prestigious schools of India.

Students just need to break their inhibitions and speak out to be heard. Great innovations are born out of great ideas and each student is a virtual storehouse of such ideas. With this inkling, The Speaker of the Year pre-finale round was conducted on 20th and 24th November 2016 at Manthan SVK centers in Shakurpur and Gurugram respectively by the team of Maverick ventures’ National Youth Forum. The event comprised of two sessions – ‘Personal Interview and Speak Shoot’.

India is a land of diverse cultures. The culture of India is the way of living of the people of India.   The variations in physical, climatic conditions and the extent of exposure to other cultures have greatly influenced the traditions and culture of the different regions. India's languages, religions, dance, music, architecture, food, heritage sites and customs differs from place to place within the country. The Indian culture often labeled as an amalgamation of several cultures, spans across the Indian subcontinent and has been influenced by a history that is several millennia old.  Many elements of India's diverse cultures, such as Indian religions, Indian philosophy and Indian cuisine, have had a profound impact across the world and therefore the great Indian heritage need to be conserved and well preserved.

In the Personal Interview round, Manthanites shared their views on the theme and presented their unique and innovative ideas to conserve, preserve and protect the culture and rich heritage of India. In the Speak Shoot round, a small setup was created with cameras and lights, where each student was recorded whilst presenting their ideas through a speech form related to the theme of the year. It was an overwhelming experience as the students felt a mixed array of emotions including excitement, nervousness, enthusiasm and enjoyment. The students quickly caught the drift of the event and were extremely confident while presenting their ideas in front of the camera.

16 students bagged prize trophies to present the best and distinctive ideas, whereas all participating students received participation certificates. The Finale of the event ‘Speaker of the Year’ will be held in January 2017 at National Science center wherein selective students from all participating schools and NGO’s will partake.

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