Once again Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan took a step ahead in development of the society by working on the root cause of all problems, human mentality. Mind purifying Ram Katha was organized by selfless volunteers of DJJS whose founder and head is Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji. He believes in bringing about spiritual revolution in the society which is the mother of all revolutions. For achieving His cherished goal, an enlightening Katha was held from 10th to 16th June 2017 at Bawana, Delhi.

Ram Katha Purified the Minds of Devotees and Enriched their Hearts with Love at Bawana, Delhi

Katha began with enchanting innovative bhajans, to the tunes and rhythm of which thousands of devotees danced in joy. Sadhvi Shyama Bharti Ji beautifully explained the literal meaning of Rama Rajya and how it is possible to create such spiritually-oriented governance in today’s age. She informed that one can truly be content and successful when one is connected to one’s inner powerhouse. We can also develop character like Lord Rama when we realize ourselves. She also revealed to the devotees that these are not mere words but how the target is an attainable reality.  Brahm Gyan is an eternal practical science of self-realization and when a person is initiated into Brahm Gyan and meditates regularly, the concerned individual develops positive attitude towards life and faces challenges with poise. Mere working on cognitive level is not enough, complete behavioral change is required to bring about complete peace on Earth.

Ram Katha Purified the Minds of Devotees and Enriched their Hearts with Love at Bawana, Delhi

Brahm Gyan can only be imparted by the Perfect Master, and DJJS proudly announces that Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji is Puran Guru of this Age who works at the behavioral level of each disciple. The galaxy of energetic, young volunteers, who are well-versed in vedas, puranas and other holy scriptures, set an example for the audience who appreciated their genius and dedication.

Leelas of Lord Rama were not only blissful but full of information about the old world charm of then bygone eras, where people were rich and successful and also owned noble character. Today’s society needs to learn from the Katha and try to emulate good character. Katha concluded by extending a warm welcome to all those who were present and with an appeal to them to be part of DJJS and   get blessed with Brahm Gyan.

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