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To awaken the devotees to Ram consciousness within, on the auspicious occasion of Shri Ram Navami, Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan Melbourne Centre organized a special spiritual event called – Ramastu Bhagwan Swayam on 7th April 2024 at Victoria, Australia.  DJJS in its endeavor to achieve mission of World Peace; is taking the message of ‘Brahm Gyan’ and true spirituality to every corner of the world. With the supreme supervision of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, this event was one such effort to instill the principles of Lord Ram and Ram Rajya within the consciousness of every being.

Ramastu Bhagwan Swayam a sublime spiritual event organized on the occasion of Shri Ram Navami at Victoria, Australia

The program was carefully designed with the engrossing amalgamation of play and skit on life of Lord Ram, dance performances by selfless and awakened volunteers of DJJS, and also the enlightening spiritual discourse by learned DJJS preachers - Swami Sajjananand Ji and Dr. Sarveshwar Ji. Constituting the fact that, God incarnates as a humanitarian leader and brings about a massive shift in global society by igniting the spiritual revolution, the play on the life of Lord was an eye opener for many.

Unveiling the eternal aspect of Lord, secrets of Ramayana and His significance today, preachers explained that Lord Ram is not a character or story limited to Treta Yuga. The principles and life ideals of Lord Ram is the identity of Bharat and touchstone for humanity in general; while the divine aspect of Lord, leading every human from darkness to light, is the soul of Bharat. They further propounded that the culture of India, the ways of worship and rituals are most scientific and are derivation of the true practical spirituality. Bharat – which means one that is immersed in Light; Light of Divine Knowledge is the very fundamental basis of what constitutes Bhartiya Sanskruti. Divine Knowledge or Brahm Gyan is an eternal science where a seeker beholds the Divine Lord inside oneself, by the grace of a Perfect Master of times; this is exactly what Shri Ram did in a role of Satguru. To truly worship Lord Ram and enliven Him today, we need to awaken to Ram consciousness within and experience that eternal bliss.

Ramastu Bhagwan Swayam a sublime spiritual event organized on the occasion of Shri Ram Navami at Victoria, Australia

Preachers expounded on the role of Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji as the Perfect Master, disseminating the same eternal knowledge to each and every individual and reforming the society from the core of its existence, thus swiftly moving towards the mission of lasting Global Peace. Many esteemed dignitaries attended the event and were very intrigued to understand about this Gensis of Transformation. They also highly commended the work and efforts of DJJS in all areas and showed interest in participating with DJJS in activities of societal reformation. The event concluded with group meditation sessions and Prasadam for all.

Some of the esteemed guests present at the program were-

  1. Mr. Sam Rae - Federal Member of Parliament for Hawke, Australian parliament, Canberra
  2. Mr. Steve McGhie - Member of the Victorian Legislative Assembly, Melton Area, Victorian Parliament
  3. Mr. Mathew Hilakari - Member of the Victorian Legislative Assembly, Point Cook Area, Victorian Parliament.
  4. Mr. Joe McCracken - Member of the Victorian Legislative Council, Western Victoria, Victorian Parliament.
  5. Dr. Sushil Kumar - Consulate General of India, Indian Government
  6. Mr. Bob Turner - Councillor for Coburn Ward, Melton, Melton City Council

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