The saga of Lord Ram is being told from ages. Sages, time and time again, remind the mankind of this great tale encompassing all aspects of life. The epic story teaches how to live life, and how not to. Great lessons lie deep into Lord Ram’s each action, for He has been designated as the “Right Action Man”.

Right Dharma and True Karma Instituted through Supreme Union - Shri Ram Katha, Panipat, Haryana

Yet another insightful Ram Katha held in Panipat, Haryana, enlightened the seeking souls. With the benign grace of His Holiness Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, the Katha took place from 20th to 24th April 2016.  Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan hosted the Katha with the sole purpose of enlightening people about the learnings’ from Lord Ram’s life.

Right Dharma and True Karma Instituted through Supreme Union - Shri Ram Katha, Panipat, Haryana

The Katha Orator Sadhvi Garima Bharti Ji, along with a widespread team of devout musicians elated the audience through the 5-day event. The people stood witness to the transformation the Katha brings.

Reciting from Valmiki and Goswami Tulsidas Ramayanas, Sadhvi Ji simply explained the essence of Shri Ram Katha – Dharma. Sadhvi Ji stated that the true nature of all beings is dharma; however the veils of ignorance keep us away from performing our duties correctly. One may define dharma as the right thing to do, however our scriptures proclaim that dharma is actually the karma (work) we do while staying connected to the supreme source.

Even nature is seen to be connected to the source, for example a lotus flower functions with the direct power from the sun- the sun being the power house to run all biological systems on the earth. Similarly, the supreme source of energy, the Lord Himself is the only sole source we must connect to in order to perform any duty righteously. Working without supreme connection is like a house made of bricks without a firm foundation, which is bound to fall over given any difficult situation.

Sadhvi Ji further proclaimed that the Lord’s teachings must also be practiced. The ancient practice of God Realization- Brahm Gyan is the technique that has been granted by spiritual masters of the time, and is the ultimate remedy to any challenge. Brahm Gyan is being bestowed by His Holiness in this age as well and the organization wide opens its doors to anyone who seeks such a treasure.

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