Music acts as a sublime medium to impart lesson, medium to express, medium to heal. Music has capability to ingrain zeal, energy, optimism and devotion even in most parched hearts. Spiritual tunes has power to elevate the wandering mind above from the state of all sorrows and anguish. Spiritual songs can stir up souls to consider eternity and everlasting love. Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan under the leadership of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji organised an enthralling euphonious musical concert with the Central theme of complete transformation in Abohar, Punjab on 17th February 2018.

Sampooran Kranti - A Devotional Concert Decrypting Mission of World Peace through Inner Awakening at Abohar, Punjab

Sadhvi Tripada Bharti Ji, preacher disciple of Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, delivered an edifying discourse explaining the innate meaning of various soulful bhajans. She explained the urgent need of complete transformation for every individual by treading on spiritual path with complete faith, love and devotion.

Sampooran Kranti - A Devotional Concert Decrypting Mission of World Peace through Inner Awakening at Abohar, Punjab

She explained that India is land whose culture, belief system and values are cornerstone of Spirituality only. For many centuries Indians were connected to the roots of their culture and principles of truth, justice, strong character, oneness, simplicity. However, those values have faded with the increasing dust of so called advancement, modernisation and blindly aping west.

The bhajans lyrics were focused on the power of youth for young nation like India and Sadhvi Ji said that a youth rich in character, determined, dedicated to right values is a blessing for mankind and also the dire need of the hour; because such youth alone have always initiated a revolution for bringing a change in society. It is imperative to awaken youth to the immense source of energy within to face trails of all types. Such awakening is possible when one connects to the roots of inner world via self- realisation which is only conceivable through Brahm Gyan which alone can realize the mission of establishing world peace. Undoubtedly, when the seed is nurtured, it leads the way for the whole fruit to be healthy.

The team of devoted musicians created the beatific, euphoric and inspirational vibes at the event that overwhelmed prodigious number of devotees who were seen brimming with new zeal and spirit to work on for bringing the change. The chief guests sensitizing the gathering encouraged the youth community for their valuable contribution in the society.

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