Sanskrit Diwas was commemorated in Manthan SVK, Shakurpur New Delhi and that too with a radiant vibe to it. This campaign took place for a gap of two hours between 3:30 to 5:30 and was interpreted to be a short time period for such a great inducement. This mission was carried out by great help of Dr Vijay (patrachar pramukh), Sanskrit Bharti, Proud sponsors and Maharaj Ji's unswerving DJJS devotees.

 The entire program eventuated in sanskrit including entire performances, stage shows and mind juggling speeches. Sanskrit undoubtedly being one of the most long lived language in the world, a humongous part of our culture, pride and will be pronounced throughout the world. 

 Dr. Vijay interacted with children in sanskrit and made them conceive that how effortless the language is. He also cherished the children who performed very extraordinary and complemented by saying "dil se perform kiya". As per all his encounters he has never been to an agenda so warm hearted ever and pronounced it was a grace of Shri Ashutosh Maharaj ji.
 Deepa Bharti ji disciple of His holiness Ashutosh Maharaj ji and program coordinator, Manthan, condensed about Manthan initiative and revealed a great news on this memorable occasion to start with vocational training centre for underprivileged girls with commotions like sewing, computer literacy, english speaking, etc for the foremost time in the very first centre of Manthan SVK, Shakurpur.

 Sponsors and eminent guests were astonished with the beauty of such a program, they pledged to learn sanskrit with high spirits, deeply inspired.

 Diverse activities jumped off with Naman- 'Mansa Sattam smarniyam', carried on to 'Lokhitam Mam karniyam'. Moreover oration on sanskrit mehtva was provided to all people present. Bharat and Gaurav beautifully sung 'Mridapi cha chandan masmindeshe'(Chandan hai is desh ki maati) which left people flattering. 'Pathantu Sanskritam Jana',
'Udite Surye Pakshi Kujayati' was the mind juggling  dance performance by class 4 students on the song performed by class 8th students. Additionally 'Subhashitani' (Vidyarthi Jeevan Shlokas) were mimed by all people present, Ekam Dwe Vadantu Sarve (Sanskrit Counting) was repeated during the show so everyone present could memorize it. Further more Sanskrit Samvad (Daily Vocabulary) was expressed to simplify the meanings and use in everyday life.

Performances were carried out by over 60 students who also executed decoration of the venue and provided refreshments over the entire program. Majority of the students were underprivileged who received an undefined experience and platform to learn and explore. Over 50 students comprising their parents rejoiced this opportunity in an unexplainable manner.

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