As the soul seeks the ultimate shelter, the ushers of divine sagas call its name.  Those souls who find this ultimate abode get engulfed in the nectars of Lord’s glory. Shri Ram Kathamrit held from 21st to 27th May, 2017 in Dina Nagar, Gurdaspur, Punjab called upon all thirsty souls and quenched their spiritual thirst. Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan conducted the Katha and Sadhvi Rupeshwari Bharti Ji, disciple of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, carried the audience throughout the pious tale.

Shri Ram Katha held at Gurdaspur, Punjab Called for Inner Transformation through Self Realization

The entire story told in Ramayana as well as Ram Charitmanas reflects that Lord Ram descended on the earth solely for others. He worked tirelessly to sway the flags of peace, brotherhood, and righteousness. His goal was to rid the earth of all evils and establish a serene state where light overcame all darkness. Sadhvi Ji shed light on the indications throughout the pious tale that point to realizing oneself. She stated that Lord Ram didn’t just set examples by His actions, but He lived the righteous life teaching all the essence of the human garb.

Shri Ram Katha held at Gurdaspur, Punjab Called for Inner Transformation through Self Realization

Sadhvi Ji stated that this life is a gift to us to accomplish our true purpose. As said wisely that neither the time of birth, nor the time of death is important, what’s important is how the time is spent between these two. What we think today will shape all our tomorrows therefore in order to have a meaningful life, one must watch the mind. Mind tends to wander however using the wand of Brahm Gyan, it can be tamed and directed into the right direction.

Various inspirations and examples from the Katha were used to establish the notion that the path of spirituality is not easy. Numerous obstacles try to overtake the courage and strength a disciple walks with. Sadhvi Ji used Hanuman as an example. He helps find mother Sita by overcoming all such obstacles. Therefore, a true seeker always finds their calling no matter the difficulties approach in the way.

The audience of Gurdaspur, Punjab felt enriched to have attended such a motivational event. Attendees were seen tuned into the entire Katha, some singing along, others even dancing to the melodies being played.  All ages and all creeds enjoyed the program sitting under one roof, taking home hope, happiness, and hearts filled with nectars quenching their individual spiritual thirst.

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