“RAM”-Right Action Man, who inspired the whole world by establishing the righteousness on the Earth, is indeed worshipped by everyone. He became the epitome of Dharma and Righteousness in the history of Indian Spirituality. Doesn’t matter which scripture we go through, we will always find the significant place for him and why not, he is the one who even lived in forest for the welfare of people and inspired to move away from the field of self-centeredness to selflessness. Such is the greatness we find here in our scriptures that even provide the true way for attaining salvation.

Shri Ram Katha Implores Pune, Maharashtra Congregation to Delve the True Knowledge of God's Kingdom within One's Soul

In order to connect everyone with the roots of our spirituality from the life of Lord Ram, Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (DJJS)- a non-profit, non-government and a leading spiritual organization, headed and founded by His Holiness Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, organized the eight day Ram Katha Program from November 22nd -29th, 2015 in Pune, Maharashtra.

Shri Ram Katha Implores Pune, Maharashtra Congregation to Delve the True Knowledge of God's Kingdom within One's Soul

The program witnessed the valuable presence of eminent guests. Some of them were; Mayor -Smt. Sandhya Dharade –PCMC (NCP), Shri Amar Sabale (BJP,  MP-Rajya Sabha, Pune), Shri Narayan Bahirwade –Corporator, PCMC (NCP), Ashok Chabuskar –MLA , Shivsena (Pimpri), Shri Dilip Mohite Patil – Ex.MLA -Khed (NCP), Shri Vilas Vithoba Lande– Ex.MLA -Bhosari (NCP), Shri Eknath Pawar- Sarchitnish (BJP), Shri Jeevan Anandrao Sonawane – Corporator ( Chakan Nagar Parishad -NCP), Shri Shamrao Sahebrao Deshmukh- Businessman  (Chakan),  Shri Mahesh Chandgude (Matoshri Pratisthan)- Businessman & Ex. Corporator – PCMC, Smt. Supritai Mahesh Chandgude- Chairperson (Aadhar Mahila Mandal), Shri Ramdas Gadhwe– Chairman -Shri Sai Mandir Dev Sansthan -Shahunagar, Shri Bhagwan Muley- Chief Trustee,  Shri Bhagwan Pathare- Chief Trustee, Shri Salesh Wanjhare- Chief Trustee.

The spiritual discourser of the day, Sadhvi Praveena Bharti Ji unfolded many supreme secrets from the life of Lord Ram and encouraged each one to attain the Divine Knowledge to actually realize the kingdom of God within one’s soul. It’s only after attaining this, one can become a true preacher and disciple like Bhakt Hanuman. Such knowledge can even make the disciple worth worshipping along with his God.

The program reached high spirit when the series of melodious bhajans captured the attention of the congregators with their thought-provoking lyrics.

The congregators awoke at mind level and also decided to get awake at soul level. The program served its great purpose in encouraging people to walk on the path of righteousness, as only then we can imbibe the qualities of Lord Ram within our society.

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