Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan founded and headed by Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji once again proved to be a boon for humankind, as it organized another marvellous self-awakening Shri Ram Katha in Hoshiarpur, Punjab. Event was a 3 days holy event from 10th to 12th of April 2017. Many inquisitive souls found answers to their doubts through the divine revelations by Sadhvi Sumedha Bharti Ji.

Shri Ram Katha Solved Life’s Biggest Riddle in Hoshiarpur, Punjab

The Katha began with chanting the holy name of our lord Ram, followed by enunciating discourse on his life. Ram Katha is the source of beautiful inspirational incidents as to how a human should lead one’s life. All the roles depict characteristics of lord as the loving person. They made us realize how we should behave with our parents, siblings, and friends in the society. She explained that a devotee is always a giver and remains unselfish.

Shri Ram Katha Solved Life’s Biggest Riddle in Hoshiarpur, Punjab

All the good traits of Lord Ram can also be embodied in us if we follow the path shown by a Perfect Master. When we get true blessings of god, we find such a Master and by following his words we can cleanse ourselves and become perfect. Guru has the capability to open the Third Eye also known as ‘Divine eye’ through which we can realize god within ourselves and with continuous practice of meditation we can control our thoughts and actions. sadhna is the only tool to fight our inner demons which prevent us from achieving bliss. Only by sadhna one can realize one’s worth and contribute for the wellness of the society. 

Ram-Hanuman is the perfect example of true guru-disciple relationship. Hanuman Ji always reciting his Lord’s name and doing Sewa with positive attitude and enthusiasm made him most lovable in the eyes of Ram. He represented perfectly the character of true disciple. Sadhvi Ji also mentioned the impeccable love and devotion of Laxmana, Bharata and Sita Ma towards God.

Attendees felt blessed and learnt the importance of having guru in their lives and what can be achieved by following his commands. They finally solved the biggest riddle of life of how to purifies ourselves and achieve the level of bliss in our lives.

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