Verily, Nothing Else in this World is as Sanctifying as Wisdom - Bhagwat Gita

Shrimad Bhagwat Katha Mahapuran Decoded the Union with The Lord at Ghazipur, UP

Every human being exists at three levels- the Physical body, Mind and the Soul. All the outwardly material possessions and pleasures can be experienced by the Physical Body, the Mind helps in the attainment of wordly knowledge, however, WISDOM, which is the most valuable virtue, can only be attained at the level of the Soul, which means knowing and understanding the Supreme Intelligence, which is the ultimate Truth.

Shrimad Bhagwat Katha Mahapuran Decoded the Union with The Lord at Ghazipur, UP

Lord Krishna explains to Uddhava the true meaning of Wisdom. Knowledge matures into Wisdom through the integration of two sciences - Modern Science and Science of Spirituality. Everyone has access to learning Modern Science, but for learning the greater science i.e. the Science of Spirituality, one needs a Perfect Spiritual Master- Sadguru, a realised soul. To reveal this holy Science of Spirituality, Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan, a leading socio-spiritual organisation, founded and headed by His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji organised a seven days Shrimad Bhagwat Katha program at Ghazipur, Uttar Pradesh from 20th to 26th January, 2018.

The seven-day splendid program commenced with the recitation of Vedic Hyms in Sanskrit and Humble Prayers in the Lotus feet of Lord Krishna. The devotees present at the Katha were left spell bound by the melodious and soul-stirring bhajans rendered by the organisation’s talented music group.

Sadhvi Padamhasta Bharti Ji, the Katha orator at the event, articulately elucidated the words of Lord Krishna, from the holy scripture. She explained that true wisdom can be developed only when one gets connected to one’s core, one’s real source i.e. the Supreme Lord. This Divine Awakening can be experienced only with the grace of a Perfect Spiritual Master, who has the power to initiate the seekers into the Divine Knowledge of the Self, which is the direct perception of the Lord within the abode of one’s heart. This is the beginning of the journey of developing True Wisdom, the Power to Discriminate. Hereafter, the seeker develops the art of listening to one’s inner voice, the soul’s voice, which is the perfect guide. This inner guiding voice shows the seeker the right direction and empowers one to make decisions, regardless of the trails and deterrents of day-to-day life.

When after being initiated into the Divine Knowledge, one practices meditation, one focusses on the Divine within, and experience the union with the Lord or “Yog”.

Sadhvi Ji further explained by narrating an incidence from Bhagwat Gita, when Arjun refuses to fight, citing the principles of Ahimsa, yet, Lord Krishna, inspired him to rise above his feelings and fight for the Truth. Krishna initiated him into Brahm Gyan, and told him to stay connected with his True Self (Yog) and fight the war like a Yogi. Thereafter, Arjun fought for the sake of Dharma, staying connected within to the Supreme, throughout.

His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji is the Perfect Spiritual Master of the times, who has been instrumental in awakening innumerable souls with the sacred knowledge of the Self. Sadhvi ji powerfully conveyed the real meaning of bhakti and invited everyone to practically experience the Divine within.

Many disciples of Shri Guru Maharaj Ji volunteered enthusiastically for “Seva” and extended their support towards the successful execution of the program. The event turned out to be one of its kind and submerged everyone present, into divine blissfulness, a pursuit possible only with the grace of The Satguru.

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