“Still your mind in me, and without a doubt, you shall be united with me, Lord of Love, dwelling in your heart.”—This indeed is the path to “realize thyself, which has emanated from the illuminating stories of Lord Krishna narrated from the Bhagwad GitaThe sumptuous nine day Katha program starting from 23rdSeptember to 1st October was organized at Jalandhar, Punjab by Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan. Initiating masses into the path of true devotion; the Katha program was preceded by Kalash Yatra on 22nd Sep.

Shrimad Bhagwat Katha Unravels the Path to 'Know Thyself' for the Devotees of Jalandhar, Punjab

Sadhvi Kalindi Bharti Ji, disciple of His Holiness Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, eloquently narrated the Katha and shared true meaning behind the “leelas” of Perfect Master -Lord Krishna. Sadhvi Ji emphasized the greatest boon of listening to this Katha which can be received when the True Guru imparts the Supreme Knowledge (Brahma Gyan) (Know The Self). This boon alone is the highest in all respects. There is no knowledge higher than this in the entire cosmos. On attaining this supreme knowledge, one gets acquainted with the power that is the sole basis of our existence.

Shrimad Bhagwat Katha Unravels the Path to 'Know Thyself' for the Devotees of Jalandhar, Punjab

One of the divine plays (leela) from the life of Lord Krishna further explains the message of Perfect Master, and pertains to Krishna’s dance over the five headed venomous black serpent called Kaliya in the river Yamuna in Vridavan, thereby poisoning the river water. Lord Krishna surmounted Kalia by dancing over its head till the serpent got devoid of all the poison and bowed his head towards the Lord. In the current context, the five headed Kaliya represent the five vices of human beings as lust, anger, greed, attachment and ego that are rampant in the world today and have venomously affected the humanity. Only when one surrenders oneself completely like the people of Vridavan onto the lotus feet of Perfect Master, can one win over their inner Kalia. And, thus attain the sublime bliss in life.

Thousands of people poured in from across the city each day. The whole ambience reverberated with the divinity, devotees participated heartily by singing and offering devotional prayers. Many distinguished guests also attended the program and appreciated the exalted flow of the program. The venue also showcased an exhibition of different social projects carried on by Sansthan under the guidance of revered Gurudev Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji which were led by enthusiastic volunteers in expression of their providential love for their Master.

The audience and the guests showed willingness to contribute generously in various ways towards the social initiatives namely ANTARDRISHTI, ANTARKRANTI, KAMDHENU, MANTHAN, AAROGYA, SANTULAN, SANRAKSHAN, and BODH. Some of the eminent guests that graced the occasion were.

1.       Sh. Vijay Sampla (Minister of State Social Justice & Empowerment Govt of India, BJP Punjab President),

2.       Sh. Kamal Kishore Yadav (Deputy Commissioner),

3.       Sh. Mahendra Bhagat (Senior BJP Leader),

4.       Sh. Hans Raj Hans (Famous Bollywood & Punjabi Singer),

5.       Smt. Noora Sisters (Jyoti Noora & Sultana Noora-Renowned Singer of Bollywood Industry),

6.       Sh. Sudesh Lehri (Standup Comedian & Actor),

7.       Smt. Ninja (Punjabi Singer),

8.       Sh. Chaman Lal Kochhar (Director DAV Management, Chairman The Noble Prize School, President Sri Krishna Murari Mandir, Gopal Nagar, Jalandhar),

9.       Sh. Balbir Nirdosh (Renowned Writer), 

10.   Sh. Chandrakant (Gau Sewa Pramukh- RSD, Punjab),

11.   Dr. Om Gauri Dutt Sharma (Director-Doordarshan, Jalandhar),

12.   Dr. BB Sharma (Principal-DAV College, Jalandhar),

13.   Sh. Gurwinder Singh Atwal (Former MLA),

14.   Sh. Rajesh Vij (Gen. Sec.-Sri Devi Talab Mandir Prabandhak Comm, Jalandhar),

15.   Sh. Nirmal Sidhu (Punjabi Singer),

16.   Sh. Sabar Koti (Punjabi Singer),

17.   Sh. Buta Mohammad (Punjabi Singer),

18.   Smt. Sneh Gupta (Vice President-Cantonment Board Jal. Cantt), 

19.   Sh. Manjit Bali (Punjab President-SC Morcha BJP),

20.   Sh. Rajendra Beri (Distt. President-Congress),

21.   Sh. Arvind Mishra (President-Doaba Zone Youth Akali Dal Pravasi Wing),

22.   Smt. Sarabjit Kaur Bath (Chairman-Improvement Trust Tarantaran),

23.   Sh. Jagbir Brar (Congress Leader),

24.   Sh. Ramesh Sharma (President-BJP,  Jalandhar)

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