Like a bird learning to fly, the efforts are very feeble to start with, but when it uses its wings arduously, they become stronger and stronger till it reaches the pinnacle of its flight and soar high in the sky, without any bounds and limits. Similarly faith comes with practice and hard work till it reaches its pinnacle where it becomes rock solid and unshakeable.

Soaked in the Divine Aura of Maa Bhagwati, Jagran and Mata Ki Chowki Organized in Patiala, Punjab

To spread the message of divinity with devotion and faith among the masses, Jagran and Mata Ki Chowki programs were organized by Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (DJJS) in Patiala, Punjab. It was organized by the disciple preachers of Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji (the founder and backbone of DJJS), Sadhvi Fakira Bharti Ji, Sadhvi Bhavarchana Bharti Ji and Sadhvi Rupeshwari Bharti Ji.

Soaked in the Divine Aura of Maa Bhagwati, Jagran and Mata Ki Chowki Organized in Patiala, Punjab

Splendid stages, customary worship and peace-marches organized set the perfect stage for the events. The purpose of these spiritual sessions was to invigorate the masses, and help them find a path to greater consciousness.

Sadhvi Ji through her discourse, acquainted the audience with the divine powers of Maa Durga, i.e. Devi personifies the ideal state of energy which remains in communion with the all-powerful Brahm. Just as a lifeless body is of no use, similarly the world cannot exist without Goddess “Shakti- Devi Maa”. It is also believed that Goddess Durga was created by Lord Vishnu as a warrior goddess to protect good people (devas) from the demons and her Divine Shakti contains the combined energies of all the gods in the form of weapons and emblems (mudras).

The program gave a tremendous insight, a profound vision, and an entirely new perspective to the person who heard the narrative which is both logical and spiritual in nature. People perform many rituals on the daily basis and also during festivals but are ignorant of the real meaning of the same. On hearing the spiritual sessions, a person was never the same. There was a complete metamorphosis, a complete transformation, literally a new birth of Atman (soul). By its own nature, Atman is sovereign, cannot be bound. Whatever bondages are felt are due to ignorance and sheer illusions of the mind.

The need of the hour is to come out of it and realize the real self using Brahm Gyan as the instrument. Brahm Gyan is a technique used by perfect masters of all the time to awaken and transform the people from ignorant to enlightened state. It is given by the perfect master of today, Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji. The program prepared the soil to sow the seeds of Brahm Gyan. Now it is up to us as to how recipient we are to gain from it.

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