Ram Katha is a saga which has a special place in the hearts of all residents of this holy land. Lord Ram was not a mere king who conquered the demons rather he was the embodiment of the Omni-present power which stands for positivity and truth. Ram Katha is a saga which depicts victory of good over evil. It is a tale which confirms that wars are won not by weapons but by inner strength, perseverance and toughness of character. The five days long Sri Ram Katha program from 29th May’17 to 2nd June’17, by Sadhvi Garima Bharti Ji was greatly applauded by the large gathering of devotees.

Soul Stirring Spiritual Discourse in the form of Ram Katha in the Land of Jammu and Kashmir

Sadhvi Garima Bharti Ji, a disciple of Sadguru Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji said that in the current era, Sri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji has taken the vow of establishing Ram Rajya through Brahm Gyan. Brahm Gyan is the technique of practically perceiving divinity within oneself. Once a person realizes this divinity within oneself, it can perceive the same in fellow humans as well and hence establish the cord of love and peace among all. There are various names of God, but all names are pronounced externally. The eternal name of God cannot be pronounced, it is realized in our breathing with the technique of Brahma Gyan. Ram is that energy which is present in all units of life and this energy stays with each individual till it breathes last. Maharaj Ji has blessed millions of disciples all across this world to this divine knowledge and changed their life manifolds for a better and progressive path. Once initiated, a disciple enters into a second life of purity and righteousness.

Soul Stirring Spiritual Discourse in the form of Ram Katha in the Land of Jammu and Kashmir

Under the divine guidance of Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, there are various ongoing social projects. Young volunteers work in these projects with great deal of enthusiasm. Their main purpose is to propagate values learnt from selfless sewa to all fellow beings. Ashutosh Maharaj Ji has taught them importance of this life which is meant for sewa. Their motto in life is to follow the footsteps of their Gurudev and keep on treading the path of inner glory. Maharaj Ji has declared that those who keep progressing in this noble path of sewa regardless of challenges, will rise and shine like diamonds and will be easily differentiated from the commoners.

Sadhvi Garima Bharti Ji’s knowledge on varied topics ranging from scriptures, Vedas and epics to current affairs was strikingly praiseworthy. Audience present at the main auditorium was impressed and with each passing day the number of visitors increased. There was an air of devotion and strong vibrations of positivity were felt by all present at the Katha. Loud slogans of Jai Sri Ram were heard and every person felt the need for a spiritual revolution. No external methods or techniques of peace can bring about real change in a person and only through inner awakening it is possible.

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