Manthan SVK Patel Nagar, Delhi, was visited by students of St. Froebel Sr. Secondary School on 17 May, 2016. For encouraging school students to get engaged in this social cause for under-privileged children and to familiarize them with the real scenarios where these children live and study, Mrs. Ranjana Sehgal, the school counsellor came forward and organized a visit at Manthan center under their school’s initiative of social service.

St. Froebel School students visited Manthan, contributed to the Social Cause

Around 30 students of class 9th and 10th along with their teachers including school counsellor and 4 PGT subject teachers; Mrs. Mita Bose, Mrs. Parveen, Mrs. Alka, Ms. Nidhi Sharma and two helping female caretaker staff participated.

School students were happy to meet Manthanites and not only had an interaction with them but they  also enacted a rhyme and narrated an interesting story for Manthan children. Also they donated books, food items and other utility material to Manthan. Young Manthanites were too excited in meeting the school students.

St. Froebel School students visited Manthan, contributed to the Social Cause

The students were touched after watching the Manthan documentary and overwhelmed to receive the priceless Thankyou cards prepared by Manthan Students.

The school teachers heartily appreciated the efforts of Manthan SVK and gave their best wishes to Manthan staff for the cause they are working for.

Such associations unite the efforts of organizations that aim to work towards social endeavours.

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