Sunderkand is considered to be the most auspicious section of the Ramayan. The central character of the Sunderkand is Shri Hanuman and it is his adventures that are narrated vividly in the section. Shri Hanuman was called Sundar (the beautiful one) by his mother Anjani. Through the narration of the deeds of Shri Hanuman, Sage Valmiki (the writer of the Ramayan) conveys to the listener the importance of faith in one’s Master (like Shri Hanuman has in Shri Ram), the necessity of being a good human being (as opposed to the people of Lanka), and dedication to one’s task (Shri Hanuman’s single-mindedness in finding Devi Sita). To bring these elements to the attention of people of Australia, Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (DJJS) under the guidance of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji organized the narration of Sunderkand at Adelaide, Canberra, Brisbane and Sydney on 24th June 2017, 1st July 2017, 20th June and 2nd July 2017, respectively. The orator at the three events was Sadhvi Deepika Bharti Ji.

The Beautiful One: Narration of Sunderkand at Adelaide, Canberra, Brisbane and Sydney, Australia

At Adelaide the event was graced by Mr. Adireddy Yara (President of IAASA), Mr. Gagan Sharma (Vice President of Indian Australian Association of South Australia IAASA), Mr. Charandas Sharma (Member of Hindu Social and Welfare Association of South Australia), Ms. Sheetal (President of Jai Durga Sankirtan Mandal, Adelaide), Ms. Ashima Gumber, Mr. Johar Kumar Garg, and Mr. Vijay Arora. While at Canberra, Mr. Muneshwar Sahedeo (President, HTC Centre, Canberra), Mr. Vijay Arora (Vice-President, HTC Centre, Canberra), and Mr. Anil Sharma (Manager, HTC Centre, Canberra) were the chief guests. The event at Sydney was honored by Mr. Jagdish Chawla (Chairperson, Shri Shiv Mandir), Mr. Manilal Daya (Director, Shri Shiv Mandir), and Mr. Jagdish Trivedi (Spiritual Advisory, Shri Shiv Mandir) as the chief guests.

The Sunderkand Katha at Canberra highlighted the message – “Let’s be human”. The storyline of Lanka with its residents was compared with fallen humanity in terms of values and culture. With the case of devout Hanuman Ji, the devotees were inspired to restrike the lost human balance as in the Vedic times. Sadhvi Ambuja Bharti Ji conducted the welcome note. Whereas, Mr. R K Gautam gave the vote of thanks on the behalf of DJJS. It was a mesmerizing divine evening with soulful devotional songs by DJJS volunteers. Mr. Vijay Arora, president of HTC delivered a note of appreciation to DJJS and said “Today we had real insight into the meaning of Sunderkand. Sadhvi Ji and preacher disciples of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji are not just preachers but philosophers too who made us dive deep into our lives and catch need of divinizing the same.” On the other hand, the Katha at Sydney was greatly applauded by the temple management committee. Mr. Jagdish Trivedi said “We have heard number of Sunderkand Paths but this Sunderkand by DJJS has imparted a new perspective to us. Now we understand, without a Guru we cannot make our lives beautiful as Sunderkand”.  The event concluded with the vote of thanks delivered by Mr. Raj Dhillon, representative of DJJS.

The Beautiful One: Narration of Sunderkand at Adelaide, Canberra, Brisbane and Sydney, Australia

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