Madhya Pradesh Minister of State for Tourism and Culture Shri Surendra Patwa Ji in memory of Padma Vibhushan Late Shri Sundar Lal Patwa Ji, former Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, organized a grand Shri Ram Katha Gyan Yagya under the guidance of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, founder and head of Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (DJJS), at Mandideep, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh from 11th January 2018 to 19th January 2018. The Katha Vyas, Sadhvi Shreya Bharti Ji, along with the team of trained musician disciples of DJJS presented a lively narration of the life events of Shri Ram.

The Divine Companion: Shri Ram Katha at Mandideep, Madhya Pradesh

Sadhvi Shreya Bharti Ji through a moving recital of the Kishkindha Kanda posited that no one except an enlightened being like Shri Ram can uphold the code of friendship even in situations of distress. For instance, Shri Ram helped Sugriva against Vali’s (Sugriva’s brother) onslaught by killing the latter. In the process, Shri Ram took the blame of using deception for all ages to come. Shri Ram who throughout his life never used deception to gain an upper hand over his own enemies did so for his friend Sugriva. However, here it must be noted that Shri Ram didn’t aid Sugriva merely because he was his friend. Shri Ram killed Vali for the latter erred from the path of righteousness. Vali had begun to use his power to trouble those weaker than him. He also took his brother’s (Sugriva) wife as his wife. Shri Ram then had to kill Vali for he refused to change his sinful ways of living.

Sadhvi Ji said that these actions of Shri Ram suggest that under all circumstances one can hold on to a virtuous life. However, asserted Sadhvi Ji, this can’t be achieved without the presence of an inner guiding force. Shri Ram, as stated above, was an enlightened human. He gained eternal knowledge from his spiritual Master Sage Vasistha. It is well known that Shri Ram was the human incarnation of Lord Vishnu, yet he as a human adhered to the teachings of his spiritual master. Sage Vasistha bestowed upon Shri Ram the ever-lasting knowledge of the universal consciousness known as Brahm Gyan. Armed with this knowledge, Shri Ram was able to overcome all the testing situations of life on earth.  

The Divine Companion: Shri Ram Katha at Mandideep, Madhya Pradesh

Like Shri Ram, urged Sadhvi Ji, we all must seek a true spiritual teacher who can grant us Brahm Gyan and make our lives exemplary as well. Without a true spiritual teacher- Guru- we can never get rid of inner darkness. It is only through the grace of an enlightened Guru that we too can step into the spiritual light. Hence said Sadhvi Ji while concluding the Katha, a true spiritual Guru is needed for a substantial spiritual life. For this purpose, all are welcome to seek Brahm Gyan from H H Ashutosh Maharaj Ji as he is one of the perfect spiritual Masters of the present era.  The Chief Guests who attended the Katha included: Shri Sita Sharan Sharma Ji (Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, Madhya Pradesh), Shri Surendra Patwa Ji (State Minister: Culture, Tourism (Independent Charges), Farmer Welfare and Agriculture Development, Madhya Pradesh), Shri Paras Chandra Jain Ji (Energy Minister, Madhya Pradesh), Smt. Maya Singh Ji (Urban Development and Housing Minister, Madhya Pradesh), Shri Deepak Joshi Ji (State Minister (Independent Charge) Department of Technical Education & Skill Development Government of Madhya Pradesh), Shri Alok Sanjar Ji (Member of Parliament, BJP, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh),  Shri Jaibhan Singh Pawaiya (Higher Education Minister, Madhya Pradesh).

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