Divine Mother or Adi Shakti is the sum total of the energy of the Universe. Every manifestation of power in the universe is Mother. She is Life, She is Intelligence, She is Love. She is in the universe yet separate from it. – Swami Vivekanand

Divine Mother takes form and manifests itself into creation including beings, matter and five elements. However, human beings tend to forget their true divine nature and get entangled into the same creation resulting in misery, pain, and ignorance. Mata’s Chowki symbolize a fight against the ignorance or darkness with the help of divine mother in form of a perfect master. Goddess Adi Shakti manifests into various forms and has been destroying demons since time immemorial. In the similar way, a perfect master gives us the indestructible weapon of God Knowledge or Brahm Gyan to fight our inner demons.

Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (DJJS) organises such religious events across India and many other nations as well to elucidate masses on the astounding spiritual revelations in our scriptures and disseminate the seeds of the Divine Knowledge which alone is the crusader to attain the goal set by His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji (Head & Founder – DJJS) of world peace. One such divine program of Mata Ki Chowki was organised for devotees of Auckland, New Zealand at Bhartiya Mandir Balmoral on 11th March 2018. Series of devotional and spiritual bhajans by the devote team of musicians captivated every soul present there and blissful renditions engaged the audience mentally throughout the program. Swami Kabir Ji was the orator for the program who articulately unfolded the secrets of Supreme Power and divinity therein.

Swami Ji also explained that any kind of exploitation of Mother Nature, whether that is of human beings or nature itself, results in destruction of one’s wisdom or “Vivek”. When a person’s wisdom is completely destroyed he or she can enter into cycle of many births through different beings for a very long period. One can restore or enhance wisdom or divinity by meditating on God revealed by a perfect master. The akhand jyot with chanting of mantras during the Chowki is symbolic of divine light and God knowledge which can be manifested inside of every being. Every human being’s only Dharma is to behold the Infinite Nature of Maa Shakti within; which is the highest nature without any limitations.

Along with Swami Ji also highlighted profound work being done by DJJS to address the dreaded issues concerning women as female feticide, gender biasness, crime against women, girl’s education etc. in society through its initiative “Santulan”. The attendees were delighted to the core and offered their contribution in various ways towards the mission. Also the program served its purpose of spreading the message of truth with the grace of our Master.

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