World Health Organisation (WHO) defines Life Skills as psychosocial abilities for adaptive and positive behaviour that enable individuals to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life. Indeed life skills are necessary for a student’s overall development. It helps students make informed decisions, develop communicative and management skills and much more.

The power of Responsibility- an important life skill

Manthan SVK organised a Life Skill workshop on the theme “the power of responsibility” on 25th November, 2017 at manthan SVK, Badli, New Delhi. The workshop involved meaningful activities and interactive games to make the children understand the power of responsibility in a play-way method. The workshop also involved the audio-video sessions which were enjoyed by the children.  It is responsibility that enables us to make right choices and responds to the circumstances that shape our lives.

The power of Responsibility- an important life skill

Manthan SVK, DJJS is endlessly working in overall personality development of the students and is intended in shaping a bright future for the children, so that they can achieve the positive heights in life.

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