'WOW!- A Flight with the Wings of Wisdom' by WAY (Youth-based program of DJJS) at Aiwan-e-Ghalib auditorium, ITO


The Youth got mesmerised on attending the versatile sessions covering 4-D facets of their life! 

The fantabulous sessions of WAY workshop- 'WOW! revolutionised the youth with Musical Aerobics, Power Yoga, nail-biting Quizzes, enthralling Activities, Einsteinian Experiments & Demos, rocking performances packed with Mime, Rap & Comedy!

MBAs, MTechs, MBBSs.....  degree-holders stepped forward to enroll for  the supreme degree of Brahm Gyan!

While bidding goodbye, their unanimous response was simplyyyyyy...  WOW!

Here's the sneak peek!

For more information on our upcoming events, stalk us on facebook  www.facebook.com/WAY.Programme

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About WAY Workshop

WAY is an exclusive program to awaken dynamism and unleash the dormant potentials in teenagers, college students and young professionals through Inspiring Camps, Seminars & Symposiums etc.

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