Historically Indian Culture has been decked with the shiny pearls of performing and visual arts, philosophy, literature, and the like. But the irony is, that today, its own people do not hold it in high esteem. This is clearly evident in the state of affairs of our country be it social, economical or spiritual. Specifically, the youth, who is mistakenly, engaged in the uncultured and uncultivated foreign life style, are devoid of basic ethic values!

Young Hearts set Ablaze! Monthly Spiritual Program @ Nurmahal

 So DJJS took the gigantic task of manifestation and re-instatement of India’s historically rooted and time-honoured culture, in the minds and hearts of the sons and daughters of India and the humanity worldwide. In accordance with this ideology, DJJS conducted Bhandara event on October 12th, 2014 in Nurmahal, Punjab.

Disciples of HIS Holiness Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji diligently carried the sublime essence of divine thoughts through drought ridden hearts of human kind with the common message of inner awakening that is the awakening of soul. One’s True Self when awakened, eventually leads to the awakening of the society, the nation, and the entire world at large. Also it is rightly said that:

Young Hearts set Ablaze! Monthly Spiritual Program @ Nurmahal

Only Nectar of Brahm Gyan can Quench your Thirst for God

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