Studies say that peer pressure is the biggest reason for anyone to enter into the world of drug abuse, for one is the most experimenting, least inhibited, insignificantly repressive and seeks freedom in every activity that comes across during the school years. These attributes on one hand, makes them ready for the brutally competitive world ahead but on the other hand, put them into the zone of risks and digressiveness also where chances of falling out are high. Therefore, a strong fence which is prevention education is highly needed, to be placed at the right time in an approachable manner.

20 Schools in Pathardi roped in for Campaign 'UTTHAAN'

Under the campaign ‘Utthaan’, within the Aurangabad district of Maharashtra , 20 schools have been roped in for conducting prevention and advocacy sessions at schools like Punyashlok Ahilya devi Holkar, Madhyamik Vidyalay, Shekate, Pathardi, Bhagwan Vidyalay , Balamtakali, Shevgaon, Shri Shivaji Junior College, Bodhegaon, Shevgaon, Savitribai Phule Vidyalay, Pathardi, Adarsha Madhyamik Vidyalay, Ramrao Phunde Madhyamik Vidyalay, Shri Vruddheshwar Ka. Mahavidyalay Tisgaon, Pathardi, New English School Padali, Dada Patil Rajale College, Kasar Pimpalgaon, Swami Vivekanand MAhaVidyalay, Susare, Vasant Dada Vidyalay, Pathardi, Shri Bhairavnath Ma, idyalay, Shirsatwadi, Pathardi, Sachhidanand Khandoba Maharaj, Vidyalay, Dulechandgaon, Pathardi, Shri Tilok Vidyalay, Pathardi and Anand College in Pathardi.

20 Schools in Pathardi roped in for Campaign 'UTTHAAN'

In the upcoming months, the trained volunteers for the campaign will conduct surveys in the selected communities, educational institutions and workplaces.

Utthaan campaign is a state of art campaign designed and conceptualized for the elimination of use of tobacco and alcohol within the state of Maharashtra. To conduct such workshops you can contact us via:

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