Antarkranti recently organized a 3 day spiritual congregation for the inmates at Sub Jail Haldwani, Nainital.


The program, aimed at encouraging inmates towards righteous path was presided over by DJJS preachers Swami Vigyanand Ji, Sadhvi Veena Bharti Ji, Sadhvi Kapila Bharti Ji, Sadhvi Maitrayi Bharti Ji and Sadhvi Rajni Bharti Ji & also witnessed the august presence of Prison Supreintendent Sh. Manoj Arya, Jailor Sh. Sanjeev Hayaki, Dy. Jailor Sh. Pawan Kumar Kothari and other dignitaries.

The event commenced with the traditional lamp lightening by the guests & followed up with enlightening discourses on various issues plaguing people’s life and the world.


The preachers effectively conveyed to the audience the importance of treading a spiritual path that is the only medium that can transform a person inwardly and inward transformation is the need of the hour. The preachers put forward the observation that in today’s time , people may have collected all the means of leading a comfortable life but the lives are still devoid of peace because there are no attempts at soul searching and grooming the spiritual selves 

Addressing the inmates the preachers said that a strong will can even make mountains move , than how difficult is it to turn the course of life .The notion of genuine repentance and faith in God leads to a righteous living, the necessity being an indomitable will that would never let a person go astray from the path of spirituality .

 Various prevalent issues like drug addiction, corruption, unmindful imitation of western civilization etc that have pushed the youth on brink of crime were also discussed and preachers urged the audience to pledge to stay away from these. The prisoners were also apprised with the virtuous way of becoming the true devotee and a diligent human being.

A total of 900 prisoners turned up on the 3 days of the event & appreciated the positivity the devotional bhajans and the message instilled in them. They expressed the mental peace and calmness felt post this program leaving them with motivation and optimism. Many of them also registered for initiation into Dhyan technique. The prison authorities too applauded Antarkranti for its various endeavors.

  The program culminated with the distribution of ‘Akhand Gyan’, the monthly magazine of DJJS to all the attendees and tree plantation by DJJS preachers & jail authorities .

Post event 54 inmates were initiated into Dhyan technique.

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