United Nations declared June 21, the summer solstice as International Yoga Day, recognising the many benefits of ancient Indian practice of Yoga. This recognition loudly speaks about the imperativeness of the knowledge of Yoga which comes directly from our Vedas for each and every Indian. 

Virtual International Yoga Day Celebration by Antarkranti with utmost zeal

The theme for this year's IYD was "Yoga for health-Yoga at home" as decided by the United Nations taking into account the mandated social distancing being observed in many countries due to COVID 19 pandemic. Adhering to the theme, Antarkranti along with its team members and released prisoners came together via video conferencing to celebrate this day of pride for the nation. A yoga session was conducted at 6 AM on 21st June in order to practice and learn about this holistic approach for well-being.

The one hour session was beautifully demonstrated by Antarkranti volunteer and a proficient yoga practitioner Ms. Sonia Verma.  She strategically planned the aasanas that can be practiced by all body types. Proper breathing technique was highly stressed upon which is necessary to unite the body with the consciousness. Simultaneously, she explained the benefits of each aasana as well as highlighted how they impact the body.

Virtual International Yoga Day Celebration by Antarkranti with utmost zeal

The session turned out to be a very interactive one witnessing presence and full involvement of around 20 participants. The harmony between mind and body experienced by the participants motivated many to start a daily practice for physical as well as inner well-being.

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