Dehradun: Incredible creation of God and the angel on the earth... Imagining life without her is quite hard-hitting. Today women are not just kitchen- keepers or house-keepers but they are competing in every sphere, gaining recognition and honourable status in the society. Trying to escalate with the same spirit, DJJS under the banner of its gender equality program “Santulan”, Invigorates women towards holistic empowerment by conducting Annual Santulan Awards every year in the month of March, commemorating International Women’s Day.

9TH Annual Santulan Awards commemorating International Women’s Day 2018, held at Dehradun, Uttrakhand

After the prodigious result of 8th Annual SantulanAwards in 2017, this year too, DJJS is carrying its 9th Annual Santulan Awards events in numerous regions of India, following UN’s theme of ‘Press for Progress’.

Santulan believes that holistic empowerment of women lies in realization of their true self and hence true self-worth through the instrumentality of spirituality.  This further encourages and motivates women to enjoy their rights and take independent decisions

9TH Annual Santulan Awards commemorating International Women’s Day 2018, held at Dehradun, Uttrakhand

With the same objective a magnificent event was organised at ONGC, Community Centre, Dehradun, Uttarakhand on 30th march 2018 that witnessed gracious presence of Chief Guest Mr and Mrs Gehlot . The event took off with lamp lighting by the Chief Guest and the Guest(s) of Honour. The program was commenced by a devotional music concert followed by a skit which showcased the journey of a woman who combats all odds against her, succeeds and gifts another case study to quote for future generations. A dance ballet to represent women as an incarnation of goddess and a powerhouse of “Shakti” was also performed by the team of enthusiastic Santulan volunteers. An enlightening lecture to elucidate and crack the age old prejudices and thus create value for girl child, was  delivered by  Sadhvi Shailasha Bharti Ji, daughter disciple of His Holiness Ashutosh Mahraj Ji . Sadhvi Ji laid emphasis on the need for women to be, not just educationally and economically empowered, but spiritually empowered too and she also stressed on a need to be united in order to rise above the present scenario and re-hoist the flag of her lost glory. She reiterated that women themselves will have to become the torch bearers to bring about a gender revolution.

Ms. Priyo Lal (Director Development- Raphael Ryder Cheshire Intenational), Ms. Seema Jaunsari (Director-Primary Education, SEIMAT), Dr. Aditi Sharma (Veterinary Officer- Rajaji Tiger Reserve), Ms. Neelima Garg (GM-Jal Sansthan), Ms. Divya Negi Ghai (Founder- Youth Rock NGO), Ms. Asha Shrivastav (Social Activist), Ms. Jaya Baluni (Co-Traffic Police, Dalanwala), Ms. Rajkumari (Department of Education) and Ms. Vandana Saini( Bus Conductor) were presented with 9th Annual Santulan Awards for their impeccable performance emblematic of women empowerment.

Sadhvi Arunima Bharti Ji, Coordinator of DJJS Dehradun Branch,  extended a thank you note to the distinguished guests. The awardees expressed their appreciation towards DJJS endeavours with a commitment to be a part of organization’s ongoing women oriented campaigns. The event witnessing about 1000 attendees was marked closed with an awareness creating exhibition followed with high tea.

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