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Hot off the press, DJJS SANTULAN organised an exuberant event  'Navchetna' - A New Awakening, in ‘The City Beautiful - Chandigarh’, expounding on the true essence of women empowerment. Addressing the daunting gender footing even in urban cities, the sensitization program took place on August 5, 2023 at Aggarwal Bhawan, Sector-16, Panchkula, 134108.

Navchetna - Another endeavor by DJJS Santulan in Chandigarh to cement Women Empowerment

“National Family Health Survey-5 has revealed that the state of women in Chandigarh is still regressive in several aspects and a lot needs to be changed in society. Women lack employment, have lesser independence in making monetary transactions and show poor health indicators” – quotes The Tribute, May 7, 2022. Various other newspapers and reported media have also joined the chorus of criticism for endangering glory of women worldwide. DJJS Santulan, by means of surfeit awareness generation workshops and events, has carved a niche in the said domain.

By way of theatrical dance, engaging activities and insightful talks, the event highlighted the concept of spiritual empowerment of women which is over and above the otherwise known aspects viz., educational, social, political and ideological empowerment!

Navchetna - Another endeavor by DJJS Santulan in Chandigarh to cement Women Empowerment

The disciples of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, Founder and Head of Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan - Sadhvi Tapswini Bharti Ji, along with Sadhvi Rajwinder Bharti Ji and Sadhvi Meenakshi Bharti Ji, represented the organization’s initiatives under the banner of Santulan, by bringing forward the paradox of existence of so called modernization, and gender inequity, and how the word empowerment is excessively exploitedand misinterpreted. She mentioned that the women surviving competition in corporate world is certainly an achievement and manifests progress, but does not suffice to eliminate the menace of gender inequality.

Among the attendees were Ms. Palak Goyal - Deputy Superintendent of Police, and Mrs. Ranjita Mehta - Chairperson Haryana State Council for child welfare, who lauded the endeavors of Santulan and underscored its role in fostering positive change for women in society. The program witnessed participation of over 800 female beneficiaries.

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Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan is an International non-profit socio-spiritual organization moving expeditiously towards its vision of global peace through individual awakening. In its mission to establish peace and harmony in the world, the organization constantly endeavors to work in multifarious societal avenues such as holistic wellness, education of poor, women empowerment, drug abuse eradication, prisoners reformation and rehabilitation, nature conservation and empowerment of disabled, to name a few.

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