A clarion call to the young women force to take up their roles in the making of The Navyug


8th August, 2015 marked an event that was designed, coordinated, managed, performed, and attended by the young women force of DJJS, Delhi and NCR. The women force were seen together in huge numbers in the divine embrace of Divya Dham Ashram.

The day began on a calm and soothing note with informative pranayam and yoga sessions along with exclusive tips on healthy living. Thereafter, musical aerobics infused fresh vibes of energy coiled on patriotic rhythms. The module on how’s and what’s of Brahm Gyan based meditation was indeed a new insight into the subject, transmitting a new spirit in the participants to practice it religiously.

The subsequent sessions threw light on the concepts of Samadhi and the do’s & don’ts in the daily planner of a Bhagwati Sadhika. A devotional concert came up next with vivid inspirations, encapsulating the spirit of maintaining the dignity of a woman by adhering to the benchmarks of high character, a resolution to spread the message of Brahm Gyan, and the spirit to cross through the fire of challenges that tend to show up on the path of discipleship.

On the whole, with the auspicious blessings of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, the program proved to be a sumptuous dose of zeal and inspiration for the young women force of DJJS. The insightful event left everyone present, with a never-say-die spirit for the mission of their revered Gurudev.

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