According to National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), Maharashtra has earned the sordid reputation of having recorded the highest number of suicides (16,662) in the country in 2013. The Bureau has also identified drug addiction as one of the main reasons behind this high number.

A One Day Anti-Tobacco Drive enthused people to say 'No to Smoking' in Chakan, Maharashtra

This figure not only indicates the number of people who committed suicide due to a reason but also brings out the dark and the hidden side of the world of Drug Abuse. It actually indicates that the drugs that seem very fashionable and trendy to most of the youths today, actually lead people to a dead end. And Tobacco and Alcohol being the “Gateway Drugs” attract youths the most. Hence, it is very important to sensitize not only the youths, but all age groups about the “Harmful effects of Drugs on one’s physical and mental wellbeing” so that they can be beware of experimentation with drugs as one use and there are 80 percent chances that the person fall for abuse.

And for the same, Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan’s Chakan branch in Maharashtra conducted a one day Anti- Tobacco Drive in Bhakti Shakti Garden, Nigdi, Chakan wherein the masses were not only sensitized about the “Harmful effects of Drugs like Tobacco and its products (cigarette, paan and gutkha )” but were also provided with measures that can help them deal with reasons like peer pressure, curiosity, experimentation etc.that lead people towards these drugs

A One Day Anti-Tobacco Drive enthused people to say 'No to Smoking' in Chakan, Maharashtra

Through demonstrational activities, skit, dance performances, informative lecture and exhibition the volunteer team of Bodh- the Drug Abuse Eradication program of DJJS motivated the people to stand up against this evil of drug abuse so that it does not play with the future of anyone born in this country. Enthused by the indication hundreds of people thereafter stepped forward and registered their pledge to quit drugs via signatures.

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