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In life, an individual comes across many challenges and it requires able guidance to win over them. Student life also places many challenges in the form of examinations and opportunities, and it is important that students are given appropriate guidance time and again so that they can proceed towards their goals by taking advantage of the opportunities and overcoming the challenges.

A Spiritual Connect | Manthan SVK’s Webinar for Students, Alumni and Volunteers

On 27 March 2021, Manthan-Sampoorna Vikas Kendra organized a special webinar for its students, alumni and volunteers themed "A Spiritual Connect" to guide them at the spiritual and social levels. The programme was presided over by Sadhvi Dr. Shivani Bharti Ji. Sadhvi Ji described the computer-related "GIGO garbage-in-garbage-out" principle and explained the importance of "head, heart & hand" in life - the "3H" formula.

A Spiritual Connect | Manthan SVK’s Webinar for Students, Alumni and Volunteers

She said that the head, which is the control centre of our entire body, must be self-controlled and irrigated with knowledge. In this context, Sadhvi Ji shared divine inspirations from His Holiness Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji and mentioned the idea of becoming a transformed and enlightened human being with the help of Brahm Gyan in life.

Further, Sadhvi Ji drew parallels between the relationship of a Guru and disciple with that of a radio set and radio station, whereby the disciple stays connected with his Guru continuously with the help of the waves of spiritual practice. In the process, the best version of the disciple's personality is created, which leads to the achievement of success in all areas of life.

Sadhvi Ji also emphasized the power of the human heart in receiving the best inspirations while giving an example of the Trimurtis. She then mentioned the importance of extending a helping ‘hand’ to others in life, and gave examples of Swami Vivekananda, Sri Aurobindo and Chandragupta Maurya to motivate the students.

Finally, citing the example of a fireplace, she emphasized that the work is not merely done by ideation, but also by efforts and hard work which need to be invested in time to transform the ideas into reality. In her concluding thoughts, Sadhvi Ji shared that meditating regularly with the principles of Brahm Gyan is a must to help a disciple move forward in his/her path.

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