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Aao Karein Bharat Ki Sair - Haryana | 21st May, 2022 | Manthan SVK, DJJS

Creating cultural and traditional awareness in young minds harnesses a strong sense of belonging and acceptance. One such virtual workshop “Aao Karein Bharat Ki Sair” was conducted on 21st May, 2022 for the student of Manthan Sampoorna Vikas Kendra (SVK). Culture plays a significant role in moulding children to connect with the principles of moral values. Manthan SVK volunteers conducted an elucidating session about the greenland of incredible Bharat - Haryana and over 50 students took part in this workshop.

Aao Karein Bharat Ki Sair - Haryana | 21st May, 2022 | Manthan SVK, DJJS

Children learn quickly by listening to stories through visual presentations. Sharing narrative stories about Bharat’s rich cultural heritage is one good way to grab students’ attention. It helps to grow emotionally as well as intellectually and such values generate compassion, which is extremely important to harmoniously co-exist in the society. A virtual tour about the majestic state of Haryana, starting from its geographical area, reminiscent of the historic battles, cultural values inclusively like festivals, cuisine, folk music, dance forms, national parks, wildlife sanctuaries, heritage places and eminent state contributors were showcased to the students.

Children actively participated in the quiz and thoroughly enjoyed by singing along a devotional Haryanvi musical hosted by one of the DJJS volunteer. Students were motivated to learn and practice singing spiritual bhajans to convey positive messages to the society. The workshop concluded with the chanting of Shanti Mantra seeking health, peace and harmony for all.

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