Everybody stand straight, don't bend forward and let's start with the warm up... and here go the cheerful and active Manthanites in motion to mark the International Yoga Day. Yes, Manthanites, dressed in white, got engaged in this vigorous celebration at Divya Dham Ashram of Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (DJJS)  on June 21, 2015.

Active yoga session on the First International Yoga Day and profound love for animals, Manthanites get attuned to a complete package

Paying respect to India's ancient tradition, yoga and vedic chanting sessions have always been an integral part of the activities at Manthan Sampoorna Vikas Kendras (SVKs). Availing the opportunity offered by this special day, Manthan brought a platform to its students from all the centres of Delhi to learn different yogasans under the guidance of Shri Pravesh Dhall, a Yoga Practitioner. The program commenced on an auspicious note with a prayer "Sarve bhavantu Sukhinah", followed by the Yoga session. Teachings on Surya Namaskarn Aasan, , Trikon Aasan, Vrij Aasan, Sha-shank Aasan and many more aasans were well received by the Manthanites and they enjoyed every bit of their participation with open smiles and claps. The combined view of standing, sitting and laying postures of adorable Manthanites showered a soothing feeling and looked as if the leaves of white flowers were changing their different folded positions.

Active yoga session on the First International Yoga Day and profound love for animals, Manthanites get attuned to a complete package

Another highlight was the pledge session wherein all of them vowed to practice Yoga in their daily life to become an awakened individual and bring pride to their nation. That's how, along with rest of the world, Manthanites got attuned to an occasion that enthused them to enhance their lifestyle with regular practice of Yoga. The Yoga session was concluded with the Vedic hymns "Sangachadvam Samvadadvam" and "Shanti path" sung by the students.

Then came an exciting surprise that filled innocent hearts with astonishment. It was their visit to Gaushala located at Divya Dham ashram and operated under Kamdhenu social project of DJJS for cow preservation & protection. Animals understand the language of human's affectionate gestures and the similar relationship could be witnessed when Manthanites touched cows, calves and baby goats. They loved and cuddled them like a true and close friend. It was a heart-melting view and Manthanites didn't want to leave their company. Thereafter, it was the spectacular vista of a flock of ducks in the pond that amazed them.

A refreshing treat at the end completed the program and by then Manthanites were fully absorbed in the aura of divine vibes. Their learning doesn't end here. They are preparing themselves to be the responsible individuals who are holistically developed and will lend a remarkable contribution to their nation's development.

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