Antarkranti is a prisoner reform and rehabilitation program of DJJS (Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan). It is step towards bringing the jail inmates into mainstream of society with a social and spiritual motive in sight. Antarkranti marked its first and a flourishing presence in the Gujarat Jail on 5th July, 2015.

Antarkranti revitalizing Prisoner's Health @ Jamnagar District Jail, Gujarat

Antarkranti organised a free Health Camp - ‘Sarva Rog Nidhan Camp” in Jamnagar District Jail, Vadodara (Gujarat) on 5th July, 2015 with the full cooperation and support of Prison’s staff.

Antarkranti revitalizing Prisoner's Health @ Jamnagar District Jail, Gujarat

Shri N.U Baraiya (Superintendent of Jail), Shri Kishan bhai Ashar (Trustee, Hindu Apang Ashram), Shri Ajay Tiwari (Principal, Shiv Pre-Primary School), Shri Sailesh Sojitra (Branch Managar, Cooperative Bank, Hapa) and Shri Dayanand Arya (Sergeant Indian Air Force, Jamnagar) were among the distinguished guests at the program.

The professional team of Doctors were invited from Guru Gobind Singh Hospital, Jamnagar, for the complete check up of the inmates.  Around 90 inmates were thoroughly examined by Dr. Nishit (MD, Medicine), Dr. Rajnikant Joshi (MS, Surgeon), Dr. Jaimin (ENT, Surgeon) and Shri Mehul Bodar (Lab Tech). Seasonal infections were primarily diagnosed among the prisoners and they were given the medicines free of cost which was supplied by Antarkranti.

The health camp aimed at diagnosing the health problems/issues of the prisoners, analysing their health status and providing them the comprehensive health services within the controlled environment and limitations. The prisoners were receptive of their health needs and hence came forward in registering their names for health check-up.

A motivational session was also conducted for the prisoners, for maintaining physical, mental and spiritual fitness altogether. 250 prisoners were witnessed attending and benefitting from the session.  The health camp organized there created awareness for health within the jail premises and acted as catalyst for their holistic health.

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