Bodh was invited by Dalmia Group to motivate the employees for celebrating Drug Free Diwali


During the lighted and brightened days of Diwali, as a part of shouldering the company’s social responsibility, Dalmia Group, one of the leading cement producers, invited Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan’s social initiative, Drug Abuse Eradication Program, Bodh that deals with both the prevention and treatment of Drug Abuse.

More than 70 employees along with the authorities attended the play performed by the Bodh volunteers which inspired them to celebrate the festivals, especially Diwali in a more sanctified way, true to its meaning that always symbolically  inspire us to get enlightened from within just like a lamp, candles or various other kinds of trendy bulbs in practice today. Post the skit performance, a quiz session was held with the employees in order for sensitizing them about the grave issue of drug abuse in a detailed and a rational manner.

All the employees along with the authorities hugely appreciated the program’s concept and the methodology of execution and also invited the organization to conduct such insightful programs in the future course of time as well.

About Bodh

Bodh is the Drug Abuse Eradication Program which aims at imparting the preventive education and enabling the abusers to overcome their mental obsession.

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