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A pleasing Mata Ki Chowki was organized at Amritsar, Punjab on 30 October, 2018. The orator at the Chowki was Sadhvi Bhavarchana Bharti Ji. The evening was filled with the sounds of melodious devotional songs along with a discussion on the real nature of Maa’s source of Shakti (power/ ability). Sadhvi Ji said that the evening is a remainder for all of us who are looking for the key to happiness. We all can see around us that the materialistic accomplishments have not resulted in inner satisfaction. Calmness remains elusive. We get bored with every new emerging technology very quickly. Hence, the constant restlessness. In such situation, Mata Ki Chowki becomes an event to come together and reflect upon the ongoing and look for a permanent solution. In this regard, Maa shows us the path. Maa’s depiction in the ancient Indian sacred mythology conveys the fact that under any fluctuating circumstances it is possible to handle the obstacles with a serene state of mind.

Brahm Gyan as the Annihilator of Inner Darkness: Mata Ki Chowki at Amritsar, Punjab

It is stated in the Indian mythology that the demon Mahishasura upon attaining the boon from Lord Brahma brings disharmony in the entire universe. When all the deities are unable to fight the demon they invoke Maa Durga. Maa annihilates the demon and at the same time restore balance in the universe. Who does Maa represent? Maa is the supra consciousness; a universal energy which we all have within us but remains dormant in the absence of focused attention.  The iconic representation of Maa has one head but multiple arms. This is indicative of the mental focus Maa has even in the presence of unlimited power. This representation is symbolic. It teaches us that we too can attain such a degree of focus and carry out all our actions in this world without losing any zest for peace.

Brahm Gyan as the Annihilator of Inner Darkness: Mata Ki Chowki at Amritsar, Punjab

We humans, as well, can achieve such state of inner wisdom through the ancient Indian technique of enlightenment called Brahm Gyan. This technique has the potential to make any human tranquil inside out. However, without the grace of an awakened spiritual teacher (Guru), who himself/herself has witnessed the divine within, attainment of such a state of inner calmness is not possible. For this purpose, it is important to begin our spiritual journey by first seeking an enlightened Guru who can remove our inner darkness and unleash spiritual light within us; a light following which we too can become focused like Maa in all our actions. Spiritual seekers can begin their journey with the grace of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji as DJJS's doors are open for the masses.

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