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It is mentioned in our scriptures that the first blessing of almighty on life is the human garb as only in the human body one can fulfill the purpose of life. The second blessing which the scriptures enunciate is about knowing the true technique of Dhyan which can be obtained through Brahm Gyan.  However, before knowing the practicality of Brahm Gyan, one must attend Satsang or spiritual discourses. To facilitate people to take this first step, monthly spiritual congregation was arranged by DJJS in Amritsar, Punjab on 21st October, 2018.

Brahm Gyan Distinguishes between Worldly and True Knowledge in Monthly Spiritual Congregation, Punjab

DJJS Representatives started the divine discourse by praising the name of revered master Gurudev Ashutosh Maharaj Ji. Sadhvi Ji said- the one who has helped in transitioning this soul from the darkness of ignorance and illusion to the illumination by true knowledge is the Guru and to the lotus feet of such a Guru one should bow one’s head a hundred times. Sadhvi Ji further elaborated saying that worldly education is nothing but means of sustenance of life. It teaches us reading, writing and manners so that we can earn our livelihood and sail through life. However, for human beings to fulfill their objective and achieving their goal, only worldly education or shiksha is not enough. In order to work towards the purpose of life it is vital that one attains Deeksha or Brahm Gyan. Deeksha is a Sanskrit word which has come from the root word Deeksh meaning ‘to see’. In this context the meaning of Deeksha is to see God. In our lesson in science, we often come across the proverb- to see is to believe. Once a devotee sees the actual form of God within oneself, a realization of the creator and its entire creation dawns upon and that is true knowledge!

Brahm Gyan Distinguishes between Worldly and True Knowledge in Monthly Spiritual Congregation, Punjab

As quoted by Sadhvi Ji, in our great scripture Ramcharitmanas it is stated that without this knowledge one cannot truly have faith in God and God’s ways. Knowledge is the basis of love and love alone can make faith stronger with time. Love, mentioned here, is different from the affection or attachment that people develop towards their fellow mates. Attachment is momentary and changes with time and love is eternal which grows stronger. While worldly love is based on conditions, the one which is bestowed by God is divine and unconditional. While worldly love turns negative and bitter when expectation is not fulfilled, divine love only dwells in giving and sacrificing for the sake of devotion. Sadhvi Ji concluded by saying that the wise, never pray God for worldly possession, rather their prayer is only for strength through which they can be at God’s service always and true devotion which will make their hearts filled with love for God always.

The audience present at the place of congregation felt very fortunate to have attended the discourse and they took back true gift of divinity with them.

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