Conference on Bovine Conservation


An interactive seminar on the "conservation of indigenous breeds and livestock" was organized at Punjab Bhawan, Chandigarh by government of Punjab on 10th July, 2014. The seminar was attended by Punjab government's ministers, Scientist, NGo's, breeders, farmers and gaushala's representatives. The main agenda of the seminar was to conserve and increase sahiwal breed which is a native breed of Punjab. sahiwal breed of cattle is considered the foremost and best breed of milk yielding cows in India. The main attraction of the seminar was the presence of eminent luminaries Mr. Mohammad Aftab Ahmad Khan Watto (President sahiwal cattle breeders society, Pakistan), Dr. Javed Iqbal (Director, research center for the conservation of sahiwal cattle (RCCSC) Jhang, Pakistan and Dr. Ahamed ali (associate professor, institute of information technology, sahiwal, Pakistan). There was considerable discussion in detail about the governmental and non-governmental support in Pakistan to increase sahiwal breed of cows and the measures taken in this respect. The most encouraging announcement was the setting up of an association 'sahiwal cattle breed association' by Chief Minister S.Parkash Singh Badal was announced on this occasion.

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In the Indian spiritual and religious texts, cow has been extremely revered and Kamdhenu Gaushala under the guidance of founder Shri Ashutosh Maharaj is working for conservation and propagation of this hol

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