Accenture, a large management consultancy firm, organized a Yoga and meditation session as part of their annual initiative ‘One big week’. The session was conducted by DJJS, UK at Palace Plantation, 30 Fenchurch St, London on Oct 9, 2015. DJJS (Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan) is a socio-spiritual organization working for the upliftment of mankind and Global peace. The organization is working under the aegis of perfect master of today, Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji. The basic tenet of organization is the ancient meditation technique ‘Brahm Gyan’ which transforms a person from within by linking him to his intrinsic world.

Corporate Engrossed in Yoga and Meditation Session at Accenture, London

The session started with practicing breathing techniques and Yoga exercises. Exercises done in a guided manner can reap benefits while same exercises done in a wrong way can have detrimental effects. The preacher disciples taught the august audience about relevance of Yoga, different forms of Yoga and practical Yogic exercise. Yoga along with meditation helps a human being to be physically, mentally and spiritually healthy. It helps to get rid of toxins from the body, rejuvenates the mind and keeps them liberated from any commotion.

Corporate Engrossed in Yoga and Meditation Session at Accenture, London

The attendees were presented an insight into the 'right' way of Meditation followed by a brief session involving the practical aspects of Meditation. Now a days, many ways of meditation are prevalent and most of them rely on meditating on external objects but meditation is all about inner awakening through self realization. The session highlighted the technique of self realization which is the ONLY way to tread on the path of inner peace. During the session, there was complete tranquility and peace in the surrounding as if the entire atmosphere is calm and composed.

The sessions were very well received with extremely positive feedback. The success of the event was attributed to the teachings of Gurudev Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji whose mission of World Peace don’t seem to be far sighted now.

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