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When it becomes unbearable for a human being to tolerate unjust situations in the society, he/she rebels. Need of the hour today is not to be rebellious but bring a revolution. If this voice against injustice becomes integral with inner transformation, a spiritual revolution takes place that has the power to eradicate the vices and unjust from the society. Such a revolution demands divine knowledge, the one which connects to the Supreme.

Devotional Concert ‘Sampoorna Kranti’ Propounded Inner Revolution at Tarn Taran, Punjab

This divine knowledge will be accessible to all only if we know the ancient Indian spiritual technique known to the sages of all times. Today, the awareness about this technique is being spread by DJJS to the spiritual seekers from all walks of life. For the same purpose, a sublime devotional concert themed ‘Sampoorna Kranti’ was organized by DJJS at Tarn Taran, Punjab on 21st September 2019 with Sadhvi Jayanti Bharti Ji as its primary orator. The melodious devotional songs by the trained musician disciples of DJJS made the event even more blissful. The event witnessed the presence of a huge audience. Numerous esteemed social personalities also graced the event.

Devotional Concert ‘Sampoorna Kranti’ Propounded Inner Revolution at Tarn Taran, Punjab

Asserting the importance of divine knowledge (Brahm Gyan), Sadhvi Ji said that today humans require inner peace more than ever. Today, the battleground is not outside but inside of the human heart which is in a constant fight with the inner vices such as greed, hatred, lust, ego, etc. These vices cloud the human judgment and decision making capability leading to many problems than solutions. We only have to look around to test the validity of this statement. Fear is rampant, trust has vanished and civility is endangered. 

However, ancient Indian spiritual teachers have proclaimed that the entire globe can become our family, a safe space to exist happily, only if we can realize the divine light within. For this to happen, we have to seek an enlightened spiritual teacher (Guru) who with his grace opens our third eye or the inner eye. Once this third eye opens, an individual can tap into the universal consciousness. Known as the limitless ocean of wisdom as well, this universal consciousness heals the person from within and makes him/her calm. It is when individual unit becomes peaceful can we think of entire world becoming peaceful too. 

Thus, Sadhvi Ji, while concluding the event, stated that we all need divine knowledge to usher in a complete inner revolution because only then we can be safe and the world will be worth living. For this to become a reality, the presence of a true Guru is irreplaceable. Sadhvi Ji, extending the invitation to the audience present on the occasion, said that the doors of DJJS will always remain open for every single spiritual seeker who wishes to see God and attain inner peace.

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