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In today’s fast pace life and hectic work schedule when one looks for something comforting and to relax mind, “Books” come as rescue. It reduces stress level and provides a new direction to mind. Therefore, and to enlighten the readers about spirituality and stress management, Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (“DJJS”) participated in the National Book Fair, 2024 organized at GMDC Ground, Gujarat University Ground, Ahmedabad, Gujarat from 6th to 12th January, 2024, where Stall No. 8 was allotted to DJJS.

DJJS actively participated in National Book Fair, 2024 organized in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Many enthusiasts of varying age, diverse fields, avid readers and spiritual seekers reached the book fair to satisfy their quest for knowledge. Spirituality has always been a complex matter for layman to understand. Therefore, here comes the role of spiritual saints who decode deep inherent gems stated in spiritual literature. The literature of DJJS, which has been researched by saints under the divine guidance of Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji (Head & Founder, DJJS), is available in different languages and is paying a vital role in the propagation of spirituality. This literature decodes the deepest secrets of all religious scriptures in simplified language with examples. The books such as Akhand Gyan, Divya Gyan Prakash, Insightful Chats, Mind-The double edge sword, Search for Truth, Samadhi, Chaitanya were the major highlights.

The Preachers and Disciples of Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji contributed their time selflessly for spreading the message of spiritual enlightenment (“Brahm Gyan”) amongst the visitors at the Book Fair. They explained to the visitors about the need of spirituality in day-to-day life and its countless benefit. Everyone, agrees today that the desires of human are an endless rat race. If one gets fulfilled, another desire erupts in mind. yet, chasing one desire after another is like trying to extinguish fire by adding more fuel to it. This will not turn off fire, rather it will destroy peace of mind. Our religious scriptures are loaded with endless examples which illustrate the fact that only spirituality can put an end to the “pursuit of a happy and peaceful life”. All the religious scriptures says that continuous meditation based on Brahm Gyan is the only means which is capable of providing ultimate happiness to a human being.

DJJS actively participated in National Book Fair, 2024 organized in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

DJJS' stall attracted exhibitors, editors, writers, spiritual seekers, literature lovers, and critics towards the theme of practical spirituality. They expressed immense appreciation of selfless efforts of DJJS for spreading the message of truth.

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