On the occasion of World Water Day [22nd March 2023], DJJS Bengaluru center, under the banner of Sanrakshan – the Nature Conservation program of DJJS, launched Neer Sanrakshan Abhiyan in the city to address the water issues of Bengaluru and mobilize public action towards a water-secure future. Under this year-long campaign, the center organised a workshop for people of varied age groups, discussing the urgency and ways to conserve water.

DJJS Bengaluru Center Launches Neer Sanrakshan Abhiyan, Resolves for a Water Secure Future of the City

The program began with an insightful discussion on the water conservation practices followed in ancient India vs water wastage in modern India. The talk shed light on the point that water, in ancient India, was considered as a precious resource and hence, was revered, whereas its exploitation in the current times reflects the thoughtlessness of humans, driven by egocentric mindsets in the modern age. Thereafter, a thoughtful skit underlining the importance of water conservation was presented by DJJS nature conservators. Drawing attention of participants towards a basic yet crucial fact of human-nature interdependence, Sadhvi Ritu Bharti Ji, preacher disciple of Divya guru Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji and coordinator of DJJS Bengaluru, explained that life on Earth cannot sustain without water and that it is imperative to save water now to save our future. This was followed by lectures from preacher disciples of DJJS - Sadhvi Nishanka Bharti Ji and Sadhvi Darshita Bharti Ji, who discussed some easy-to-adopt tips to conserve water at home. The session concluded with a group dance performance by the young nature conservators, reiterating the role of water in our lives and urging everyone to conserve it. About 100 people participated in the program and got inspired to work towards a water-secure future of the city.

Neer Sanrakshan Abhiyan is DJJS Sanrakshan’s state-of-the-art water conservation campaign for a water secure future. It primarily focuses on generating water awareness and mobilizing individual action for reducing water wastage and conserving the resource in the long run.

DJJS Bengaluru Center Launches Neer Sanrakshan Abhiyan, Resolves for a Water Secure Future of the City

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