Climate change, an irrefutable crisis, is upon us and this global environmental issue warrants a collective global action to slow down its irreversible damage. One such initiative is Earth Hour – a global, yet grassroots movement drawing attention of people towards the global environmental issues. For many years, Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (DJJS), under the banner of its Nature Conservation Program - ‘Sanrakshan’, has been partaking in this global movement and mobilizing people, through its network of 350 centers worldwide, towards climate action. This year also, on the occasion of Earth Hour [March 25, 2023], DJJS centers across the world switched off all unnecessary lights & electrical appliances for an hour [8:30 - 9:30 pm], and observed ‘Global Dhyaan Hour’ for Mother Earth, in line with this year’s theme for the day - ‘Your Hour Your Power’.

DJJS Observes Earth Hour, Marks its Support Towards Combating Climate Change

The current deteriorating state of the planet is attributed to the unsustainable actions of humans, which highlights the ideology of human supremacy over non-human forms of life, where all environmental resources are considered to be at one’s disposal. However, this has only led to a misbalance in natural cycles and processes, and rendered the planet at the brink of collapse. Man’s custodianship has turned into ownership. And this false notion can only be corrected by invoking a sense of oneness among humans, with Mother Earth and apprising them of the law of interdependence. Acknowledging this fact, the Brahmgyani disciples of Divya Guru Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, Head & Founder of DJJS, observed Earth Hour not just as a lights-off event, rather, collectively meditated for Earth and spiritually re-energised it through positive vibrations. Prior to the Global Dhyaan Hour, certain centers of DJJS also organized an awareness session, urging people to have an environment-conscious conduct, thereby contributing in fighting the biggest menace of the century – Climate change.

For over two decades, DJJS Sanrakshan has been committed towards raising awareness on climate change among masses, through workshops, rallies, lectures, awareness booths, etc. with the only aim of rebuilding the fading human-nature relationship. Verily, the nature outside can be at peace only when man’s inside is at peace!

DJJS Observes Earth Hour, Marks its Support Towards Combating Climate Change

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