Education is incomplete if students are not aware about the real purpose of education. Today, when morality has come down, education is the most effective way to nurture and mould the minds & thoughts of students.

DJJS Conducted an Educational Lecture on Personality & Holistic Development

Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (DJJS) – a non-government, non-profit, and leading socio-spiritual organization, Headed and Founded by His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, conducted an Education lecture on personality development on 24th March, 2017 at Manohar Memorial College, Fatehabad, Haryana. Sadhvi Manendra Bharti Ji was the spiritual and educational lecturer of the event.

DJJS Conducted an Educational Lecture on Personality & Holistic Development

Many activities were conducted to make the lecture more productive. Various mind-boggling activities contributed to enhance the learning aspect. With Interactive Activity Sessions, four layers of Human Being's Personality- Physical, Mental, Intellectual and Spiritual were explained and how one can develop on all these levels was illustrated with examples.

Sadhvi Manendra Bharti Ji very profoundly explained the short secrets and the numerous ways to apply the knowledge in daily life. That’s how the learning gets imbibed into the personality.

Such educational lecture serve the supreme purpose of paving the right direction in front of students who can take charge in the future and lead in every phase of life.

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