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Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (DJJS) organized another special event in the form of 7 days recital under the title “Let’s Decode Ramayana” exclusively in English language. The recital commenced from 25th December 2022 and lasted till 31st December 2022 at Auditorium, Centre for Cultural Resources and Training (CCRT), Sector-7, Dwarka, New Delhi. It was a Socio-Spiritual-Scientific exploration into the life saga of Lord Ram. Devotees in large number attended the Katha Amrit.

DJJS decoded Ramayana through Socio-Spiritual-Scientific Exploration into the Life Saga of Lord Ram at Dwarka, New Delhi

The Orator of the Katha Sadhvi Deepika Bharti Ji (Disciple of Shri Ashutosh Maharaj Ji) beautifully narrated the life saga of Shri Ram and decoded the divine messages impregnated in it for the benefit and easy understanding of attendees. Ram was chivalrous and valorous for his enemy but always gentle, caring, and compassionate towards the weak and the vulnerable.  He is often called “Maryada Purushottam” - the epitome of righteousness, the benchmark of faultless behavior and the role model of a perfect human being. His Life and journey were in perfect sync with the “Sanatana Dharma” – the Eternal Truth.

Although Lord Ram was born in a royal family, but his life was full of challenges, be it going to exile for 14 years, kidnap of his wife Sita by demon Ravan, emotional and ethical dilemma he faced while fulfilling his duties for his kingdom… the list is endless! However, in midst of all these problems, Shri Ram was always seen smiling. He set forth an example of ideal living for the entire mankind. One should fully embrace Shri Ram’s virtues and must sanctify every moment of one’s life by living up to them.

DJJS decoded Ramayana through Socio-Spiritual-Scientific Exploration into the Life Saga of Lord Ram at Dwarka, New Delhi

The orator also clarified the myths related to Shri Ram’s conduct – like killing of Shambhuk, cutting the nose of Shurpnakha, taking agni-pariksha of Sita, forsaking pregnant Sita etc. She also unveiled many hidden facts about spiritual culture of ancient Bharat, the scientific experiments and inner voyages of the rishis, the model of ideal governance (Ram Rajya) ans so on...

The orator also stated that only spiritually transformed individuals can pave way for a truly reformed society and consequently the world peace at large. This is possible only when the Perfect Spiritual Mentor of the time (who is himself soaked in divinity and can pass the same on) bestows upon a being the rare science of Brahm Gyan. Thereafter, when a devotee mediates ardently, under guidance of such a master, his mind can experience peace, serenity, calmness. The human mind which keeps on venturing in all the directions 24*7, can be tamed and relaxed only with the scientific tool of Brahm Gyan. All the scriptures support this fact in unison. Even Lord Ram, whose advent on Earth was to re-establish peace and save mankind, followed the same path as stated in scriptures and took refuge to his Gurudev for attaining Brahm Gyan.

The orator concluded by explaining the dire need of self-awakening in today’s time. She said that the doors of DJJS will always be open for seekers of truth as our mission is to establish peace in the world by working upon every human mind. When each mind will be transformed through the eternal science of Self-Realization– 'Brahm Gyan', then the world peace will automatically become a tangible reality.

DJJS successfully fulfilled its objective of instilling spirituality in the masses and guided them onto the path of righteousness.

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