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Every nation has a particular ideal running through its whole existence, forming its very background. The backbone of our motherland India is its rich spiritual and cultural heritage. There is a scientific and spiritual rationale behind the heritage of India that makes it impeccable and incredible. And to introduce such pristine Indian culture, Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (DJJS) headed and founded by His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, organized a monumental event at Brisbane, Australia on account of Indian New Year.

DJJS Elucidated Spiritual Indian Heritage on the Occasion of Indian New Year 2019 at Brisbane, Australia

The magnificent event on the land of Australia showcasing the enlightening Indian culture on 6th of April, 2019 at King George Square, CBD Brisbane was graced by the presence of honorable chief guest Cr Angela Owen, Chairman of Council (Representative from Lord Mayor) and Guest of honor – Commissioner Ian Stewart (Commissioner of Queensland Police). The event witnessed distinguished guests including Mr. Paviter Kumar Noori (Producer, BrisAsia Festival), Mr. Sham Das (Target Tours and Travels), Mr. Palanichamy O Thevar (Advisor, Federation of Indian Communities of Queensland), Ms. Pinky Singh (President of Punjabi Welfare Association of India), Ms. Prerna Pahwa (Founder of Simply Human), Mr. Navdeep Singh (Candidate for the Senate, The Australian Greens), Mr. Kartik Menon (Head of The Gold Coast Hindu Cultural Association), Mr. Rakesh Sharma (Ex-President of Laxmi Narayan Temple), Mr. Satender Shukla (President of Laxmi Narayan Temple), Mr. Sandeep Mohan (Director of JK International group of Companies), Ms. Sharmila Devi Shanmugarajah  (Representative of Federation of Indian Communities of Queensland), Mr. Parveen Gupta (Gupta Lawyers)  and Ms. Kavita Khullar (UBS Accountant).

DJJS Elucidated Spiritual Indian Heritage on the Occasion of Indian New Year 2019 at Brisbane, Australia

The grand occasion of Indian New Year was marked by an exquisite exhibition on India & its unparalleled heritage reflecting the greatness of India. Sadhvi Deepika Bharti Ji, disciple of His Holiness Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, shed light on the glorious Indian culture and significance of celebrating Indian New Year. She said that Indian New Year is more scientific than that of any other New Year of the world, as Indian calendar is based on calculations of the actual positions of the Sun and Moon. Sadhvi Bhawna Bharti Ji, disciple of Ashutosh Maharaj Ji, factually explained how most of the important things were first discovered in India and then followed by the whole world. She said that Seers of India who made such discoveries were spiritually awakened and stressed upon the fact that spirituality is the science of sciences and has immense potential to uplift a person to his ultimate true and pure self”. Sadhvi Ji said that Maharaj Ji is perfectly actualizing this definition of spiritual science in the lives of number of people by blessing them with Brahm Gyan.

A sequence of outstanding dance performances and patriotic songs helped enlighten the minds of the Australian residents and facilitated them to understand and appreciate our rich culture and tradition. The program was synergized with the active participation of Indian Diasporic dancing institutions including Svaraalaya, Tulja Dance Academy, Mother India and Neetu Malik Dance Group. Feeling of national pride was instilled among every Indian’s heart when the national anthem of India was played in the venue followed by the national anthem of Australia.

The audience came to know about the importance of Indian land and highly praised its scientific and spiritual heritage. Guest of honor of the event - Ian Stewart, Commissioner of Queensland Police, said “Indian community does a wonderful job trying to show their respect and integrate into our community by having nights like this. We want more of Indian community to be a part of Australia. I congratulate DJJS for putting up this event. These occasions are for the entire community, educating people about helping other Australians understand the wonderful culture you have, your history and what makes India and people of India so great. Thank you having us and allowing me to share this very important night with you. Indian Community is the winner tonight and so is the whole community of Queensland.”

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