On the occasion of Van Mahotsav, DJJS Gwalior organised a special cultural program on 11 July 2014, to acquaint masses with the lost pro- environmental practices imbued in the Indian culture. Over 600 people participated and benefitted from the program. Dr. Ashok Sharma, HOD, SLP College, Mr. Ashok Bansal, known social worker, Mr. Devendr Sharma, sansad and Parshad, Mr. Bijender Singh Jadon, Sabhapati, Nagar Nigam and Mr. Sushil Sharma, Parshad of Deputy Sansad were special guests present at the event.

DJJS Gwalior depicting the impact of cultural shift on Environment on the occasion of Van Mahotosav

The concept of environment conservation is not new to India. Conservation practices are an innate part of Indian living. However, the contemporary Indian societies have gradually drifted away from their culture and are thriving under greater western influences. This shift has had a severe consequence on the environment as in the process of westernization, the pro- environmental cultural practices have been lost. The result is growing environment degradation.

DJJS Gwalior depicting the impact of cultural shift on Environment on the occasion of Van Mahotosav

An enlightening skit was presented by the young members of Sanrakshan Team, Gwalior, presenting the piteous state of water and energy resources in the 21st century. The skit was followed by a lecture by Sadhvi disciple of Shri Ashutosh Maharaj ji, Sadhvi Madalsa Bharti. She took the audience through a journey of changing cultural preferences have led to wasteful resource practices.

The impact of shifting cultural preferences was further elucidated in the skit “From Bharat to India” presented by youth volunteers of DJJS Gwalior. ‘I never knew that the western lifestyles we aspire for come with such a high environmental cost’ said a young member from the audience.

In addition, an informative exhibition on the plight of environment was also put on display for the people.  The concept of the program was very much appreciated by the audience as well as the special guests.

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