Taking onus to resolve the ever rising issue of garbage dumping, DJJS with its team of selfless volunteers including youth, teachers, professionals etc. came forward and organized two cleanliness drives at Gole Ka Mandir and Adityapuram on 11th and 12th October respectively.

DJJS Gwalior inspiring masses to keep their surroundings clean

Upholding the fact that active participation of communities is essential to solve community related problems, DJJS volunteers undertook a pre- event door-to-door to environment sensitization drive.  During the personal counselling of people, the volunteers of Sansthan apprised the people that clean surroundings and proper sanitation conditions ensure liberation from many diseases. Moreover, for a healthy living, personal hygiene is very important.  The idea was to motivate the locals to come out of their houses and participate in the cleanliness drive.

DJJS Gwalior inspiring masses to keep their surroundings clean

Studies show that an average Indian produces 0.2 to 0.6 kilograms of garbage per day. Though piles of waste being dumped here and there seem disgusting, majority of the people get used to it and start ignoring it with time. Contrary to it, DJJS works on changing the mindsets of people by sensitizing them and making them realize the innate connection between nature and man, thereby steering them on the path of complete change of habit.

The founder and head of DJJS, His holiness Ashutosh Maharaj ji expounds, “Cleanliness outside cannot be sustained in the absence of clean mind-sets- one free from greed and selfishness. Need of the hour is work on inner cleanliness to restore the innate connection between man and this cosmos”.  Cleanliness drives organised under Sanrakshan, are efforts to practically realize this philosophy, thereby ensuring an overall pro-environmental behaviour in long run.  Today, time demands every individual to assume his responsibilities towards the environment and step forward to make the ever-wanted dream of clean and green India a reality.

The drive culminated with a motivational lecture by Sadhvi Preachers, calling upon locals to take charge of cleanliness and environmental conservation at large in their area.

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