After a successful launch and completion of Santulan Campaign 2010-11 in Ludhiana, DJJS has established a trend of celebrating girl child lohri with great zeal across the nation. Following this trend, a sensitizing event was organized at KMV College on February 16, 2013 with a message of killing the demon of immoral behavior, crime & violence against women, titled "Mahishasur Mardini". A dance performance was presented on the killing of Mahishasur demon to re-establish the status of women and invoke the inherent 'shakti', the divine feminine potential within women of today. Sadhvi Akshita Bharti ji delivered a discourse explaining the literal meaning of the title Mahishasur Mardini, where 'Mahish' stands for 'Immoral', 'Asur' means 'Demon/Devil' and 'Mardini' is 'Mother Goddess Durga', representative of feminine potential; thus illustrating women power.

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